Story of interview of Lecturer Commerce – PPSC Pakistan

Note: This story is submitted to our editorial page by one of the applicant who pass his interview for a lecturer in 2017.
In 2017, on the day of my interview for commerce lecturer, probably 22 candidates including me were called for interview and my number was probably 14th to give interview. So after listening to the talk, I realized at that time that most of the candidates had prepared well for accounting, but they had not prepared that much for any other subject, as a result, most of the friends who came out after the interview were disappointed. And when we kept trying to ask them interview questions (by the way, we were not allowed to stop there after the interview, but somehow we knew the questions to be asked in the interview), most of them answered that Accounting Answered all the questions correctly but could not answer the finance questions properly or came back with regret.
Now when it was my turn to interview, after asking some accounting questions, they asked me, “Does finance come?” I said “Yes sir, I am coming” and I feel the same even today with the confidence with which I said that yes, I am getting finance, so he was quite impressed (and this answer has the highest weight in my selection). And I was also asked four or five questions relevant to finance and Alhamdulillah I answered them all correctly.
Now let’s come to the real answer then and now while preparing for the interview, candidates consider accounting to be commerce, but this is not the case, just as you focused on all the subjects in the test, similarly you focus on all the subjects for the interview. Focus should be on these subjects especially accounting and finance
Finally, congratulations to all mail and per-mail candidates for passing the test and interview