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How many members of the interview committee in PPSC?

The interview panel of PPSC usually consists of three to five interviewers. one among them is the focal person of PPSC, one is a psychologist and the remaining one to 3 interviewers is/are subject specialists.

How to enter the interview room for an interview?
When you enter the interview room, after exchanging the formal greetings you get seated, and first up is that the focal person of PPSC. Be prepared with a well-rehearsed formal introduction of yourself.
After the introduction and a few questions associated with your job experience, you face the topic specialist(s). Sometimes you’re asked about your favorite subject and therefore the questions start from that course/subject then move onto various other subjects.

Questions about research thesis in PPSC interview
It is to be noted that the pattern changes for every individual and each panel has its own way.
If you’ve got done MS, you’ll be asked tons of questions associated with your thesis. For BS/Masters level aspirants usually the interview includes 20 plus questions from different core courses of your BS degree. attempt to stay to the purpose, answer concisely, and avoid those terms in your answers which could trap you within the inquiries to follow. Remember, you control the direction of the interview together with your choice of words so don’t steer yourself towards a dead end.
For those questions which leave you clueless, an easy sorry is that the 

only reasonable answer. But must not happen for quite 1 to 2 questions.

The next round is with the psychologist who asks you various questions associated with methods of teaching, ways of handling troublesome students, etc. you’ll be asked to deliver a brief demo. sometimes he may behave awkwardly and check out to harass you so on assess your composure, patience, and professionalism. So act smart and play it cool.
In the end, you’ll come to the focal person with a final round comprising of a couple of questions from public knowledge and current affairs. be informed about the present affairs and up to date hot issues.

Duration of PPSC and FPSC Interview
Duration usually 15-25 mins.