Marketing Management Topics of Presentation

Topics for Presentation for Marketing Management

1. A multilateral stakeholder salience approach: An extension of the stakeholder identification and salience framework
2. Strategic and digital marketing in cultural institutions and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic–A comparative analysis of two case studies
3. The effects of knowledge sharing, social capital and innovation on marketing performance
4. International luxury marketing: Emerging Trends
5. Rethinking offshoring and international marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic
6. An intelligent optimization method of E-commerce product marketing
7. The influence of marketing strategy on brand image and future outlook-an example of La New International Corporation
8. Investigating the Impact of Information Technology on Marketing Management and Shahrvand Store Performance chains
9. A Conceptual Study on Web-Based Marketing Tools in the Tourism Industry
10. The effects of internal marketing strategies on the organizational culture of secondary public schools
11. Social Media Marketing Activities and Brand Loyalty: A Meta-Analysis Examination
12. Exploring the role of international R&D activities in the impact of technological and marketing capabilities on SMEs’ performance
13. Fake news, social media and marketing: A systematic review
14. The impact of e-marketing orientation, technological orientation and learning capacity on online SME performance
15. The Use of Digital Technology in Marketing
16. The Impact of Marketing on Customer Loyalty: A Study of Dutch Lady in Malaysia
17. A thematic exploration of social media analytics in marketing research and an agenda for future inquiry
18. Teaching-practice as a critical bridge for narrowing the research-practice gap
19. Marketing Communication Strategy in Increasing Tangkahan Tourist
20. Global marketing
21. Dimensions of Consumption Value of Green Repurchase Intention with Green Trust as an Intervening Variable
22. Marketing system failure: revisioning layton’s marketing system model
23. Application and Influence of Information Technology to Support the Tourism Village Marketing Strategy
24. XR in tourism marketing
25. The Influence of E-service Quality, E-trust and E-satisfaction Toward E-loyalty on Shopee Online Shopping Application Users
27. Paradoxes in servitization: A processual perspective
28. Managing marketing–sales–service relationship conflict in a B2B multinational firm
29. Developing marketing curriculum to make students workforce ready
30. Market orientation in service clusters and its effect on the marketing performance of SMEs
32. Effective Use of Marketing Functions in Trade
33. The five stages of the macromarketing field of study: From raison d’etre to field of significant promise
34. L’expérience au cœur du marketing postmoderne. Regard sémiotique sur les offres marchandes
35. Facilitating open innovation processes through network orchestration mechanisms
36. Dynamic marketing capabilities as drivers of international channel integration: is this true for Latin American SMEs?
37. Can internal marketing activities save small and medium industrial enterprises in a tough economy? Back to the basics approach
38. To app or not to app: A business-to-business seller’s decision
39. Impact of Social Media on the Development of New Products, Marketing and Customer Relationship Management in Kosovo
41. The Influence Of Digital Marketing & Innovasion On The School Performance
42. Understanding the role of service innovation behavior on business customer performance and loyalty
43. Sharing is the name of the game: Exploring the role of social media communication practices on B2B customer relationships in the life sciences industry
44. Study on the influencing of B2B parasocial relationship on repeat purchase intention in the online purchasing environment: An empirical study of B2B E-commerce …
45. Innovation and differentiation of emerging market international new ventures the role of entrepreneurial marketing
46. Studying the Impact of Marketing Mix on the Customers’ Satisfaction of Tabriz Iran Khodro Company
47. The relationship between household food waste and food security in Tehran city: The role of urban women in household management
48. The effect of spiritual marketing and entrepreneurship orientation on determining sustainable competitive advantage
49. Focusing on the quality and performance implications of marketing analytics
50. Understanding rural micro and small business marketing practices in Ghana
51. Unlocking the link between relationship duration and product De-listing in retail channels: The role of market orientation and brand diffusion
52. Networking Capability, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Competitive Advantage, and Marketing Performance: A Case Study of Embroidery SMEs in Indonesia
53. Managers’ understanding of artificial intelligence in relation to marketing financial services: insights from a cross-country study
54. Integrated marketing communication in hospitality SMEs: analyzing the antecedent role of innovation orientation and the effect on market performance
55. Research on using big data marketing to promote the development of E-commerce under information management mode
56. Consumers’ purchase behaviour and green marketing: A synthesis, review and agenda
57. A discursive framework of B2B brand legitimacy
58. Upper echelons research in marketing
59. The impact of public policy marketing, institutional narratives and discourses on renewable energy consumption in a developing economy
60. Customer identification: The missing link between relationship quality and supplier performance
61. Digital fashion: A systematic literature review. A perspective on marketing and communication
62. #StayHome today so we can #TravelTomorrow: tourism destinations’ digital marketing strategies during the Covid-19 pandemic
63. The interrelationship of marketing, accounting and auditing with corporate social responsibility
64. Marketing Automation: Defining the Organizational Framework
65. New Trends in Event Marketing
66. Agar (Aquilaria agallocha Roxb.) based small-scale enterprises in Bangladesh: Management, production, marketing and role in socio-economic development
67. Aspects and influence of social media marketing in today’s world: A review of scholarly articles
68. Internal marketing: a review and future research agenda
69. How authors really frame a top manuscript
70. Strategi Marketing Belah Doeren Melalui Digital Marketing Terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Dimediasi Brand Image
71. Digitalization within food supply chains to prevent food waste. Drivers, barriers and collaboration practices
72. Explanation Plus Prediction—The Logical Focus of Project Management Research
73. Green Marketing in Emerging Markets: Strategic and Operational Perspectives
74. Marketing Mix Method Sebagai Strategi Pemasaran Pendidikan di SMA Kristen Barana
75. The marketing–finance interface: A new integrative review of metrics, methods, and findings and an agenda for future research
76. Application of social marketing to recruitment for a digital weight management intervention for young adults
77. Improving service brand personality with augmented reality marketing
78. Consumer involvement in supply networks: A cubic typology of C2B2C and C2B2B business models
79. An emerging theory of avatar marketing
80. Ten years of the Journal of Islamic Marketing: a bibliometric analysis
81. Customer Experience, Social Regard and Marketing Outcome (Satisfaction and Loyalty): Sub Saharan Oil Marketing Companies Perspective
82. ‘Go with the flow’for gamification and sustainability marketing
83. Informing marketing theory through consumer culture theoretics
84. Consumer engagement within retail communication channels: an examination of online brand communities and digital content marketing initiatives
85. The paradoxes of food waste reduction in the horticultural supply chain
86. The impact of marketing strategy on logistics decisions and the implementation of JIT
87. Social media influencer marketing: a systematic review, integrative framework and future research agenda
88. Outsourcers’ control mechanisms, vendors’ contract schemas, and project performance in cross-border IT outsourcing: A vendor’s perspective
89. Digital marketing jobs: What are recruiters looking for?
90. The effects of inbound open innovation, outbound open innovation, and team role diversity on open source software project performance
91. The value of influencer marketing for business: A bibliometric analysis and managerial implications
92. Social media marketing: A new platform that influences Nigerian Generation Y to engage in the actual purchase of fast-moving consumer goods
93. Celebrities and influencers: have they changed the game of online marketing?
94. Strategic Adaptive Leadership and Emerging Approaches to Online Marketing of a US Small Business Real Estate Firm in Response to COVID-19
95. Innovative marketing strategies for the successful construction of drone food delivery services: Merging TAM with TPB
96. Adaptive customer relationship management contingency model under disruptive events
97. Marketing performance of bread and cake small and medium business with competitive advantage as moderating variable
98. Celebrity endorsements in destination marketing: a three country investigation
99. What Exactly Is Marketing and Public Policy?

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