How to write meeting minutes of daily, weekly, and monthly meetings?



AT 1830 HRS on 3 June 2012

Present           Designation

Dr. XYZ          (Chairman)               Vice Chancelor

Prof. XYZ      (Secretary)               Head of Department

Mr. XYZ          (Asst. Secretary)    Staff Officer to Vice Chancelor


The meeting was a routine the general weekly coordination meeting of XYZ UNIVERSITY.

I.Time staggering issues

ACTION BY: Faculty Members

The Chairman discussed the matter of time staggering especially from 11:00 to 11:45 AM. Faculty members are requested to cooperate to manage the rush by announcing to leave the classes and corridors silently.

II         Student Counseling

ACTION BY:  Dean HOD’s, and Faculty members

The Chairman discussed the matter related to the counseling of students. Faculty members are requested to educate the students regarding basic manners, special attention is given to their attitude & dressing.

The Chairman directed faculty members to disseminate the weekly message to the students in their respective classes.

III         Other issues

ACTION BY:  Dy.Registrar, All Faculty Members, Clerks

The Chairman directed all faculty members to share all important information with other concerned individuals who will not present in the meeting. Furthermore, Chairman instructed faculty members not to share EGS or any other internal working with students.

The Chairman discussed the matter related to the less usage of projectors.

The Chairman Advised all faculty members to show appropriate and unbiased behavior with students.

Section allocation for the students of extra enrolled courses will be done by FO.

IV        Enrollment of Failed Students

ACTION BY:  Ms. XYZ, Mr. XYZ  (Secretary),

The issue of enrolment of students during the Fall semester for failed subjects was discussed in length. Students who will not enroll himself till Saturday cannot allow attending the classes by Monday

XYZ University

03 June 2012

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