List of China Universities offering Scholarships

List of China Universities offering Scholarships.

  1. Anhui Agricultural University
  2. Anhui Medical University
  3. Anhui Normal University
  4. Anhui University
  5. Anshan Normal University Liaoning China
  6. Anshan Normal University Liaoning China
  7. Beihua University
  8. Beijing Film Academy
  9. Beijing Foreign Studies University
  10. Beijing Forestry University
  11. Beijing Institute of Technology
  12. Beijing International Studies University
  13. Beijing Jiaotong University
  14. Beijing Language and Culture University
  15. Beijing Normal University
  16. Beijing Sport University
  17. Beijing Technology and Business University
  18. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  19. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  20. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  21. Beijing University of Technology
  22. Bohai University
  23. Capital Institute of Physical Education
  24. Capital Medical University
  25. Capital Normal University
  26. Capital University of Economics & Business
  27. Central Academy of Fine Arts
  28. Central China Normal University
  29. Central Conservatory of Music
  30. Central South University
  31. Central University of Finance and Ecnomics
  32. Chang’an University
  33. Changchun University
  34. Changchun University of Chinese Medicine
  35. Changchun University of Science and Technology
  36. Changsha University of Science and Technology
  37. Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  38. China Academy of Art
  39. China Agriculture University
  40. China Conservatory
  41. China Foreign Affairs University
  42. China Medical University
  43. China Pharmaceutical University
  44. China Three Gorges University
  45. China Univeristy of Political Science and Law
  46. China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
  47. China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)
  48. China University of Mining and Technology
  49. China University of Petroleum
  50. China University of Petroleum (Huadong)
  51. China Youth University of Political Studies
  52. Chongqing Jiaotong University
  53. Chongqing Medical University
  54. Chongqing Medical University
  55. Chongqing University
  56. Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  57. Communication University of China
  58. Dalian Jiaotong University
  59. Dalian Maritime University
  60. Dalian Medical University
  61. Dalian Polytechnic University
  62. Dalian University of Foreign Languages
  63. Dalian University of Technology
  64. Dalian University of Technology
  65. Donghua University
  66. East China Normal University
  67. East China University of Political Science and Law
  68. East China University of Science & Technology
  69. Fudan University
  70. Fujian Agricultrue and Forestry University
  71. Fujian Medical University
  72. Fujian Normal University
  73. Fujian University of Technology
  74. Fuzhou University
  75. Gannan Normal University
  76. Guangdong University of Foreign Studies
  77. Guangxi Medical University
  78. Guangxi Normal University
  79. Guangxi Teachers Education University
  80. Guangxi University
  81. Guangxi University For Nationalities
  82. Guangzhou Medical University
  83. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
  84. Guilin University of Electronic Technology
  85. Guizhou Minzu University
  86. Guizhou Normal University
  87. Guizhou University
  88. Hainan Normal University
  89. Hainan University
  90. Hangzhou Normal University
  91. Hangzhou Normal University
  92. Harbin Institute of Technology
  93. Harbin Medical University
  94. Harbin Normal University
  95. Harbin University of Science and Technology
  96. Hebei Medical University
  97. Hebei Normal University
  98. Hebei University
  99. Hebei University of Economics and Business
  100. Hebei University of Technology
  101. Hefei University
  102. Hefei University of Technology
  103. Heihe University
  104. Heilongjiang University
  105. Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine
  106. Henan University
  107. Henan University of TCM
  108. Henan University of Technology
  109. Hohai University
  110. Huangshan University
  111. Huazhong Agricultural University
  112. Huazhong University of Science and Technology
  113. Hubei University
  114. Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
  115. Hunan Normal University
  116. Hunan University
  117. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University
  118. Inner Mongolia Normal University
  119. Inner Mongolia University
  120. Inner Mongolia University for The Nationalities
  121. Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  122. Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  123. Jiangnan University
  124. Jiangsu University
  125. Jiangxi Agricultural University
  126. Jiangxi Normal University
  127. Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics
  128. Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  129. Jilin Agricultural University
  130. Jilin Normal University
  131. Jilin University
  132. Jinan University
  133. Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute
  134. Kunming Medical University
  135. Kunming University of Science and Technology
  136. Lanzhou Jiaotong University
  137. Lanzhou University
  138. Lanzhou University of Technology
  139. Liaoning Medical University
  140. Liaoning Normal University
  141. Liaoning Shihua University
  142. Liaoning Technical University
  143. Liaoning University
  144. Liaoning University of Technology
  145. Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  146. Ludong University
  147. Minzu University of China
  148. Mudanjiang Normal University
  149. Nanchang Hangkong University
  150. Nanchang University
  151. Nanjing Agricultural University
  152. Nanjing Agricultural University
  153. Nanjing Normal University
  154. Nanjing University
  155. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  156. Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
  157. Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology
  158. Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  159. Nanjing University of the Arts
  160. Nankai University
  161. Ningbo University
  162. Ningbo University of Technology
  163. Ningxia Medical University
  164. Ningxia University
  165. North China Electric Power University
  166. Northeast Agricultural University
  167. Northeast Dianli University
  168. Northeast Forestry University
  169. Northeast Normal University
  170. Northeastern University
  171. Northwest A&F University
  172. Northwest Normal University
  173. Northwest Normal University
  174. Northwest University
  175. Ocean University of China
  176. Peking University
  177. Qingdao University
  178. Qingdao University of Science and Technology
  179. Qinghai Nationalities University
  180. Qinghai University
  181. Qiqihar University
  182. Renmin University of China
  183. Shaanxi Normal University
  184. Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
  185. Shandong Normal University
  186. Shandong University
  187. Shandong University of Science and Technology
  188. Shandong University of Technology
  189. Shanghai Conservatory of Music
  190. Shanghai International Studies University
  191. Shanghai Jiaotong University
  192. Shanghai Maritime University
  193. Shanghai Normal University
  194. Shanghai Ocean University
  195. Shanghai University
  196. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
  197. Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
  198. Shanghai University of Political Science and Law
  199. Shanghai University of Sport
  200. Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  201. Shantou University
  202. Shanxi University
  203. Shenyang Aerospace University
  204. Shenyang Jianzhu University
  205. Shenyang Ligong University
  206. Shenyang Normal University
  207. Shenyang University of Technology
  208. Shihezi University
  209. Sichuan International Studies University
  210. Sichuan University
  211. Soochow University
  212. South China Agricultural University
  213. South China Normal University
  214. South China University of Technology
  215. Southeast University
  216. Southern Medical University
  217. Southwest Jiaotong University
  218. Southwest University
  219. Southwest University of Finance and Economics
  220. Sun Yat-Sen University
  221. Taiyuan University of Technology
  222. The Central Academy of Drama
  223. The Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
  224. Tianjin Foreign Studies University
  225. Tianjin Medical University
  226. Tianjin Polytechnic University
  227. Tianjin University
  228. Tianjin University of Finance and Economics
  229. Tianjin University of Science and Technology
  230. Tianjin University of Technology
  231. Tianjin University of Technology and Education
  232. Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  233. Tianjing Normal University
  234. Tongji University
  235. Tsinghua University
  236. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  237. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
  238. University of International Business and Economics
  239. University of Jinan
  240. University of Science & Technology of China
  241. University of Science and Technology Beijing
  242. University of Science and Technology Liaoning
  243. University of Shanghai for Science and Technology
  244. Wenzhou Medical University
  245. Wenzhou University
  246. Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
  247. Wuhan Textile University
  248. Wuhan University
  249. Wuhan University of Technology
  250. Wuyi University
  251. Xiamen University
  252. Xiamen University of Technology
  253. Xian International Studies University
  254. Xi’an Jiaotong University
  255. Xi’an Shiyou University
  256. Xiangtan University
  257. Xidian University
  258. Xinjiang Medicine University
  259. Xinjiang Normal University
  260. Xinjiang Uygur Xinjiang University
  261. Yanbian University
  262. Yangtze University
  263. Yangzhou University
  264. Yanshan University
  265. Yantai University
  266. Yunnan Agricultural University
  267. Yunnan Normal University
  268. Yunnan University
  269. Yunnan University of Finance and Economics
  270. Yunnan University of Nationalities
  271. Zhejiang Gongshang University
  272. Zhejiang Normal University
  273. Zhejiang Ocean University
  274. Zhejiang Sci-Tech University
  275. Zhejiang University
  276. Zhejiang University of Science & Technology
  277. Zhejiang University of Technology
  278. Zhengzhou University
  279. Zhongnan University of Economics and Law


Job description for information security Analysis

Let us see the Job description for information security Analysis.

An information security analyses have the following abilities

  1. Communicate Up, Down, and Across All Levels of the Organization
  1. Communication
  2. Create, Modify, and Update Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Tools
  3. Creativity
  4. Administers Information Security Software and Controls
  5. Analytical
  6. Discovering the Vulnerabilities in Information Systems
  7. Evaluate and Deconstruct Malware Software
  8. Experience With Intrusion Prevention Systems
  9. Information Technology Knowledge
  10. Improve Security Efficiency
  11. Handling the Process for Managing Network Security
  12. Detail Oriented
  13. Monitor Compliance with Information Security Policies and Procedures
  14. Remediate Security Issues
  15. Manage Security Monitoring
  16. Respond to Requests for Specialized Cyber Threat Reports
  17. Manage Cyber and Technical Threat Analyses
  18. To educate Organization on Security Measures
  19. To educate Organization on Security Measures
  20. Implement and Maintain Security Frameworks for Existing and New Systems
  21. Analyze Security System Logs, Security Tools, and Data
  22. To educate Organization on Security Measures
  23. Problem-Solver
  24. Install Firewall and Data Encryption Programs
  25. Maintain Security Records of Monitoring and Incident Response Activities
  26. Prevent Hacker Intrusion
  27. Familiar with Security Regulations and Standards
  28. It Provide Host-Based Forensics
  29. Great Understanding of Risk Management Framework
  30.  Situational and Incident-Related Reports
  31. Network and System Administration Experience
  32. Support and Manage Security Services
  33. Team Player
  34. Up-To-Date on Relevant Technologies
  35. Stay One Step Ahead of Cyber Attacks
  36. Great Technical Background in Data Loss Prevention
  37. Monitor computer for security issues
  38. Able to install security measures and operate software to protects the system
  39. Bachelor degree in computer science
  40. MBA in Information System


Job description for a hardware engineer

Let us see the detailed Job description for a hardware engineer.

Following list describe the descriptions for a hardware engineer

  1. Able to create and develop the software systems that control computers.
  2. Create and test circuits and other electronic components
  3. Must be all work and refine processes.
  4. Able to perform re-testing and ensure they work properly.
  5. Check and describe problems.
  6. Check and train the technicians and other engineers during the development phase.
  7. Design, test and change product prototypes.
  8. modify existing computer components so that it will work with new software
  9. Monitor all manufacturing process for computer hardware
  10. Keep all knowledge of computer engineering trends and new technology
  11. Formed all specifications for parts.
  12. Control the working of processes.
  13. Correlate information and give idea about appropriate hardware to users.
  14. Develop and support input and output, including CPUs, support logic, microprocessors, custom integrated circuits, and printers and disk drives.
  15. Check the power supply requirements and configuration.
  16. Gathered data for analysis of system capabilities
  17. Test the results and change the design as needed
  18. Able to evaluate the effectiveness of the design and update if necessary.
  19. Calculate cost, reliability, and safety factors.
  20. Compose all the components into the final design.
  21. Check the completed models of the computer hardware they design
  22. Develop and monitor the production of computer hardware equipment.
  23. Create new design like computer hardware, creating blueprints of computer equipment to be built

Job Descriptions for Network Administrator

let us see the Job Descriptions for Network Administrator.

  1. Check network performance availability, utilization, throughput, goodput, and latency and test for weaknesses
  2. Set the user accounts, like password
  3. Able to maintain network connectivity of all computer workstations.
  4. Able to provide network support to users.
  5. Describe network policies and rules.
  6. Able to provide the facilities of supporting, configuring, maintaining and upgrading corporate customer’s networks and in house servers
  7. Ability to install and integrate new server hardware and applications
  8. Check out for needed updates
  9. Develop technical support documentation for systems and applications.
  10. Strong knowledge of networking concepts
  11. Check and give security improvements and system upgrades.
  12. Able to monitor the network to check optimal performance.
  13. Design and maintain network users/permissions.
  14. Familiarity  with scripting languages
  15. Deep interpersonal skills to handle complex technical issues
  16. BS degree in Computer Science or a related field
  17. Two-year experience in a network administration role
  18. I have also experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012.
  19. Must have experience with Cisco switches and routers preferred
  20. MCSE certification a plus
  21. Have great troubleshooting capabilities
  22. Able to work independently under some supervision
  23. Must familiar with server management and monitoring tools
  24. Update the user needs.
  25. Must provide great network security.
  26. Have the ability to prove network engineering.
  27. Ability to prove network operations, and network performance analysis skills
  28. Strong problem-solving ability
  29. Must provide network support with a variety of operating systems.
  30. Install and configure computer network components.
  31. Maintain all hardware.
  32. Resolve all the problems of the end-user.
  33. Providing network and system support
  34. Able to work with IT experts
  35. Able to manage budget

How to write meeting minutes of daily, weekly, and monthly meetings?



AT 1830 HRS on 3 June 2012

Present           Designation

Dr. XYZ          (Chairman)               Vice Chancelor

Prof. XYZ      (Secretary)               Head of Department

Mr. XYZ          (Asst. Secretary)    Staff Officer to Vice Chancelor


The meeting was a routine the general weekly coordination meeting of XYZ UNIVERSITY.

I.Time staggering issues

ACTION BY: Faculty Members

The Chairman discussed the matter of time staggering especially from 11:00 to 11:45 AM. Faculty members are requested to cooperate to manage the rush by announcing to leave the classes and corridors silently.

II         Student Counseling

ACTION BY:  Dean HOD’s, and Faculty members

The Chairman discussed the matter related to the counseling of students. Faculty members are requested to educate the students regarding basic manners, special attention is given to their attitude & dressing.

The Chairman directed faculty members to disseminate the weekly message to the students in their respective classes.

III         Other issues

ACTION BY:  Dy.Registrar, All Faculty Members, Clerks

The Chairman directed all faculty members to share all important information with other concerned individuals who will not present in the meeting. Furthermore, Chairman instructed faculty members not to share EGS or any other internal working with students.

The Chairman discussed the matter related to the less usage of projectors.

The Chairman Advised all faculty members to show appropriate and unbiased behavior with students.

Section allocation for the students of extra enrolled courses will be done by FO.

IV        Enrollment of Failed Students

ACTION BY:  Ms. XYZ, Mr. XYZ  (Secretary),

The issue of enrolment of students during the Fall semester for failed subjects was discussed in length. Students who will not enroll himself till Saturday cannot allow attending the classes by Monday

XYZ University

03 June 2012

Download Template

Download Template of MINUTES OF MEETING

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