Where to write html code?

You can write HTML code with many tools. Some tools are mentioned below. One of the simplest tools is a notepad that is already present in your windows. But it is not recommended to use notepad for writing code because notepad has no support for writing the code because it is not designed especially for programming purposes. But this tool is simply available in your windows, so I am telling you how to use notepad for writing the HTML code.

How to write HTML code in Notepad?

Step 1: 

open notepad

Step 2:

Write HTML code.

Step 3: 

File -> Save as

Step 4: 

Mention your file name. Also, write a .html file extension with the file name.

Step 5: 

Select “all files” from “Save as type”.

Where to write html code
Where to write HTML code

List of tools for writing the HTML code

WYSIWYG Editors Source code editors
    Webflow     ActiveState Komodo
    Microsoft Expression Web     Aptana
    FirstPage     Arachnophilia
    Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express     Atom
    Freeway     BBEdit
    Google Web Designer     BlueFish
    NetObjects Fusion     Coda
    Adobe Dreamweaver     Codelobster
    Microsoft SharePoint Designer     CoffeeCup HTML Editor
    RocketCake     CudaText
    Quanta Plus     Dreamweaver
    CKEditor     Eclipse with the Web Tools Platform
    WorldWideWeb     Emacs
    Jimdo     EmEditor
    Amaya     Geany
    BlueGriffon     HTML-Kit
    Mobirise     HomeSite
    Bootstrap Studio     Microsoft Visual Studio
    Maqetta     Microsoft Visual Studio Code
    UltraEdit     Notepad++
    SnapEditor     NetBeans IDE
    TOWeb     PHPEdit
    EZGenerator     PhpStorm IDE
    WebPlus     PSPad
    KompoZer     RJ TextEd
    Microsoft Publisher     SciTE
    Opera Dragonfly     Smultron
    Wix.com     Sublime Text
    tkWWW     TED Notepad
    TinyMCE     TextMate
    HTML-NOTEPAD     TextPad