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Home Care Services Project in PHP or ASP.NET

Home Care Services Project in PHP or ASP.NET

Here, we are showing you a detailed summary of the project of the Home Care Services Project in PHP or ASP.NET.


Home Care Services is a web application that will allow its users to hire staff for home. The staff will be available for services such as child care (babysitter), maid, and kitchen care (cook).

In this web application, there will be 3 types of users.

  1. Client
  2. Service Provider
  3. Admin

The client should be able to hire a service provider through this web application. The application will get the client’s requirements in the form of a questionnaire and depending on the answers by the client; the application will show the closest matching service providers to the client. The client will be able to send an offer to the service provider of his/her choice.

Figure: Home Care Services Project in PHP or ASP.NET

The Service Provider will be able to provide his/her availability in terms of days and time and what will be the minimum charges he/she will be charging the client with. The service providers will also be able to accept/reject/bargain on an offer made by the client.

Following is the detailed information about the users of the application and the functions they can perform in the application:


It means whenever a client or a service provider signs up through the registration forms, they should not be added into the database until the admin approves.


Once the offer is made by the client, the status should show “Pending” until the service provider accepts/rejects the offer. The status next to the offer should update accordingly after the offer is accepted/rejected.

Hiring History.

Service Provider

(availability timings, charges, etc), See the Offers, Previous Job History, Logout, etc.

Tools and Languages

You can use any combination of the tools and languages from the following:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WAMP server, SQL, Dreamviewer, Notepad++ etc.

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming

You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii

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