Corel DRAW Quiz Test Solved Mcqs Questions with Answers

Corel DRAW Quiz Test Solved MCQs Questions with Answers

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Let us see the Corel DRAW Quiz Test Solved Mcqs Questions with Answers.

1. Which key is used for the shortcut key to combining the selected objects?
A. Ctrl +L
B. CtrI +Y
C. CtrI +K
D. Ctrl +Q

Ans: A. Ctrl +L
2. Define the shortcut key for toggling snapping to objects?
A. Ctrl +L
B. CtrI +G
C. Alt + Shft + D
D. Alt +Z

Ans: D. Alt +Z

Fact Description
Software Type Vector graphics editor
Developer Corel Corporation
Purpose Designing and editing vector graphics, illustrations, layouts, and typography
Uses  Graphic design , Illustration , Logo creation, Layout design, Typography, B4Printing and publishing

3.What fill tool would a person use if she/he wanted to fill an object with hearts,?
A. Uniform
B. Transparent
C. Fountain
D. Pattern

Ans: D. Pattern
4..Is this possible that W brings up the navigator window allowing you to navigate any object in the document?
B. True

5. What key is used for specifying fountain flits for objects?
A. F11
B. Alt + F4
C. Ctrl + B
D. F6

Ans: A. F11
6. what tool would a person use for an object of two colors that blend one another?
A. Fountain
B. Transparent
C. Uniform
D. Pattern

Ans: A. Fountain
7. In the drawing, F3 is the shortest key for zooming all objects?

8.The shortest key for displaying a full preview of drawing or graphic?

A. F2
B. F4
C. F 1
D. F9

Ans: B. F4
9. Aligning selected objects to the bottom which key is used?
A. T
B. S
C. D
D. B

Ans:D. B
10. C aligns centers of selected objects vertically.


Ans: B. TRUE
11. Specifying fountain flits for objects what shortest key is used?
A. F6
B. CtrI + B
C. F11
D. Alt + F4

Ans: C. F11
12. What size will ba taken when A2 paper is divided equally from the center?
A. B3
B. A3
C. A4
D. A5

Ans: B. A3
13. For cropping a tool is used is called?
A. shape tool
B. zoom tool
C. knife tool
D. Pick tool

Ans: A. shape tool
14. What color separation does the graphic work has with red, yellow, black and white?
A. 4
B. 3
C. 5 1/2
D. 5

Ans: B. 3
15. What number will the sheets contain in a bookwork of ten pages?
A. 1&10
B. 3&5
C. 1&2
D. 2&9

Ans: A. 1&10
16. Purpose of Ruler bar is?
A. for book design
B. Setting of margin
C. dividing your work
D. all of the above

Ans: A. for book design
17. what number of paper orientation we have in Corel draw?
A. 2
B. 1
C. 4
D. 3

Ans: A. 2
18. For selecting and deselecting objects a tool is used called?
A. freehand tool
B. shape tool
C. pick tool
D. Bezier tool

Ans:C. pick tool
19. Do White and green have two color separations?
A. False
B. True

Ans: A. False
20. In which object Zoom total is used for?

A.Marquee selecting
D. Cropping

21. What application needed when light color texts are placed on a light color background?

A. Transparency applied to the background
B. Transparency applied to the text
C. A dull outline applied to the text
D.All of the above
Answer.C.A dull outline applied to the text

22. One of the sheets will contain the following numbers in a bookwork of ten pages.

23. CorelDraw is ______ based drawing application package?

D.Photo paint
24. What color separation will we get with the graphic work of Red, Yellow, Black, and White?
A.5 1/2
Answer.D.3 CorelDraw how much color separation we have?


26. A preset guideline can be created using the?
A.Replace wizard
B.Collect for output option
C.Options dialog box
D.None of the above
Answer.C.Options dialog box
27. For combining selecting objects shortcut key is used?
A.Ctrl +L
B.CtrI +K
C.CtrI +Y
D.Ctrl +Q
Answer.A.Ctrl +L

Short keys MCQs about Corel DRAW

Some times examiner may ask for MCQs related to shorty keys of Corel draw. So must revise the following important short keys;


  • Symbol Manager Ctrl+F3
  • Object Properties Alt+Enter


  • Position Alt+F7
  • Rotate Alt+F8
  • Scale & Mirror Alt+F9
  • Size Alt+F10

Align and Distribute

  • Align Left L
  • Align Right R
  • Align Top T
  • Align Bottom B
  • Align Centers Horizontally E
  • Align Centers Vertically C
  • Center to Page P

Align & Distribute

  • Align & Distribute Ctrl+Shift+A


  • To Front of Page Ctrl+Home
  • To Back of Page Ctrl+End
  • To Front of Layer Shift+PgUp
  • To Back of Layer Shift+PgDn
  • Forward One Ctrl+PgUp
  • Back One Ctrl+PgDn

Combine/Break Apart/Group

  • Combine Ctrl+L
  • Break Apart Ctrl+K
  • Group Objects Ctrl+G
  • Ungroup Objects Ctrl+U
  • Convert to Curves Ctrl+Q
  • Convert Outline to Object Ctrl+Shift+Q


  • Adjust Brightness/Contrast/Intensity Ctrl+B
  • Adjust Color Balance Ctrl+Shift+B
  • Adjust Hue/Saturation/Lightness Ctrl+Shift+U
  • Contour Ctrl+F9
  • Envelope Ctrl+F7
  • Lens Alt+F3


  • Text Properties Ctrl+T
  • Edit Text Ctrl+Shift+T
  • Insert Formatting Code Non-breaking Hyphen Ctrl+Shift+-
  • Insert Formatting Code Optional Hyphen Ctrl+-
  • Insert Character Ctrl+F11
  • Convert Ctrl+FB
  • Align to Baseline Alt+F12

Writing Tools

  • Spell Check Ctrl+F12


  • Options Ctrl+J


  • Macro Manager Alt+Shift+F11
  • Macro Editor Alt+F11
  • VSTA Editor Alt+Shift+F12
  • Stop Recording Ctrl+Shift+O
  • Record Temporary Macro Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Run Temporary Macro


  • Refresh Window Ctrl+W
  • Close Window Ctrl+F4


  • Object Properties Alt+Enter
  • Object Styles Ctrl+F5
  • Symbol Manager Ctrl+F3
  • Transformations
    • Position Alt+F7
    • Rotate Alt+F8
    • Scale and Mirror Alt+F9
    • Size Alt+F10
  • Align and Distribute Ctrl+Shift+A
  • Step and Repeat Ctrl+Shift+D
  • Effects
    • Contour Ctrl+F9
    • Envelope Ctrl+F7
    • Lens Alt+F3
  • Text
    • Text Properties Ctrl+T
    • Insert Character Ctrl+F11
  • Color Styles Ctrl+F6
  • View Manager Ctrl+F2
  • Macro Manager Alt+Shift+F11


  • Product Help topics F1


  • Nudge Arrow keys
  • Super Nudge Shift+Arrow Keys
  • Micro Nudge Ctrl+Arrow Keys
  • Scroll Alt+Arrow Keys

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