Binary Number System in DLD, Digital Logic Design

What is Binary Number System?

The word binary is derived from latin word “binarius”. The meaning of binary is two.

Total two symbols are used in binary number system.

These two symbols are;

0 and 1

O represent off and 1 represents on.

Binary number system is also a positional number system. Positional number system means that position of bits is very important.

For example;

1101 1011

Mostly digital computers use the binary number system.

Some important terminologies of binary number system are discussed below;




Kilo byte 

Mega byte

Giga byte etc.

What is Bit?

Bit is a term used for binary digit

What is Nibble?

Nibble is a term used for group of 4 bits.

What is Byte?

Byte is a term used for group of 8 bits.

What is Kilo byte?

Kilobyte is a term used for group of thousand bytes.

What is Mega Byte?

Mega byte is a term used for group of million bytes.

What is Giga Byte?

Gigabyte is a term used for group of billion bytes.

What are advantage of binary number system?

  • Binary number system is simple to implement.
  • Binary number system can be used to build logic gates. For example AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR and XOR gates can be implement.
  • Binary number system is extremely robust in transmission.
  • Binary number system is loving number system of hardware and machines. Machines can easily understand binary number system.




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