What is Octal Number system? DLD digital logic design

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What is Octal Number system?

  • The Octal number is a number system with base 8 and digits range is from 0 to 7.
  • Octal number system was used in past and now a days it is not used in modern digital systems.
  • Each Octal Number digit is basically 2 3=8 and represent a 3-bit Binary Number.
  • Binary Numbers and the Octal equivalents are discussed in the table below;

Table: Octal Equivalents of Binary  and decimal Numbers

Counting in Octal Number System

  • The maximum value that can be represented by a one single octal digit is 7 because it starts from 0 and octal means 0 to 8.
  • Decimal 8 can be represented by a combination of 108.
  • The subscript 8 in 108 indicates that the number is Octal.
  • Some of the Octal Numbers for Decimal numbers 8 to 30 are discussed in table below;
DecimalOctal DecimalOctalDecimalOctal
810 16 202430
911 17 212531
1012 18 222632
1113 19 232733
1214 20 242834
1315 21 252935
1416 22 263036
1517 23 273137
  Table:Octal Numbers upper than 0 to 7 

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