Applied Chemistry Past Papers

Applied Chemistry Past Papers

Applied Chemistry Past Papers

Applied Chemistry Past Papers

Q:1      (a) fill in the blanks

  • Neutron is present in the ……of an atom
  • Diamond and graphite are …..of carbon
  • The Bond b/w Hydrogen and Oxygen in H2o is….
  • PH of pure H2o is……
  • Alpha rays have……charge

(b) choose the correct answer

     1)    Pieces of glass used as raw material are called

(a) fluxes         b) feldspare     c) cullet           d) Borax

2)   Percentage of silica  inportland cement is

  1. 14 b) 22                c) 30                d) 62

      3)  Which one of the following forms neutral solution in H2o

a)NaCl             b) Na2CO3       c) CuSO4         d) non

      4) Loss of electrons in a chemical reaction is called

  1. a) oxidation b) Reduction c) Hydration    D) non

      5) Molar mass of H2o is ……….

  1. a) 18gm b) 6.02 ×1023  C) 100gm         d) non
  2. C) True and False

1) B.p of H2O is 273k

2 ) viscosity of paint decreases by thinners

3) Sodium chloride is an element

4) The temperature at which a substance catches fire is called Transition temperature

Q.2      (a) Explain the following with examples

1) Mole   (2) shell and subshell (3) Elements  and compounds

(b)  What is natural Radioactivity

Q.3      What are different types of chemical reaction explain with suitable examples

Q.4      What are different types of fuels and also explain the properties of good fuels

Q.5      a) what is glass how it is commercially prepared

  1. b) what are different types of glasses

Q.6      (a) differentiate b/w (1) paints and varnish (2) concrete and mortar

(b) How varnish can be Manufactured?

Q 7      (a). Explain Ionic bond, Covalent bond, and coordinate covalent bond.

(b)   write properties of ionic compounds.

Q.8.     Write notes on any two of the following.

1) periodic law and periodic table      2) hydrogen bonding              3) PH and POH

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