Android Games Under 1 GB

All The Android Games Under 1 GB

1.      Need for Speed: No Limit –

It is the most popular racing games in the gaming world. NFS has made the racing genre one of the most followed in the gaming. It doesn’t have any great history, the story is simple.

Choose your cars from the huge collection of Audi, BMW, Porche, McLaren and Mercedes etc. crush the traffic around the road.

2.      Assassin’s Creed Pirates –

I know Assassin’s Creed Pirates is just awesome. Game loft has launched many Android version of this game, but this one is great than all. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play store it is the most famous game of Game loft.

Made your own group of fish, whales, sharks etc. and make your own emperor. Solve treasures filled with thrills and excitement

3.      Gods of Rome –

The game is most powerful game has been gathered into a big killing war. With its stunning 3D images this game pushes all the limits of mobile gaming. Gods such as Hades, Zeus, Atlas, Medusa, Vulcan Spartacus the gladiator are battling an epic war. It consists intense violence, so it is rated for the 16+ audience. The VFX pushes you to the front of your seats. The screenplay and story of the game are fast paced, and you will be involved throughout the game.

4.      Dungeon Hunter 5 –

It’s not just like RPG game. This game has over 900 different weapons and armors. Dungeon Hunter has over 69 unique missions with different elements and graphics. You will received daily and weekly challenges and also encourage you with healthy result. It is same like to Counter Strike where you can make your online team, or you can fight with your friends.

It has multiplayer feature which is the best part of the game. If you love group gaming than you will be get impressed (just like Mini Militia).You must like it

5.      Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour –

The most rated action game for Android with over 1 million downloads on Google Play store. Action gaming is bought into another level with the thrill touches new heights. The graphics are so amazing that you feel like a real world. With every new stage of soldier conflict, the world is in danger because of some terrorist group and the soldiers are on the way to defeat them.

You can play the game from two sides, one is from soldier and other is terrorist because sometimes being evil is good. That option is latterly amazing one and not found out in other games. If you like to be bad than you should give it a shot.

6.       Samorost 3 –

If you like to play puzzle and adventure games. Do you think that you have cleared all of the mysterious games filled with puzzles?

Then you should play Samorost 3. Amanita Design has designed this game who is award winning developer. This game is very famous that it has sold over 30K units as of February 2017. The plot of the game contains a dwarfish that has supreme power of magic flute, and he travels across the universe in search of his origins.

7. NOVA 3 near Orbit –

Recently the game was in the famous because of its epic storyline, lots of destruction and weaponing.

It plays with guns, mechs, running, shooting, driving superb vehicles and even driving and fighting the drones to clear the brainstorming levels. The quality of VFX and SFX are top of the range. It also has two modes one is 12 player modes and other is 6 layers multiplayer mode.

If you are a fan of chasing, weaponizing and shooting, then you are going to thanks me later for this game.

8 Asphalt 8: Airborne –

Racing is a very old in the gaming world, and it has always been wonderful. So far Asphalt 7 heat is concerned; it is count as the best racing game to be ever made. It has lots of choices for racing enthusiasts. Loads of cars, amazing graphics, smooth gaming environment and quality sound quality, 50+ tracks and 400+ career events and 1600+, mastery challenges make this game a full package.

The history is extremely impressive that I believe that it’s the best thing about the game.

This game is dedicated to all the gamers who love fight.

If you want to be in a world of the medieval era than this game has it all, the weapons, land, characters, costumes all belong to medieval era. Unveil the exciting bonuses by completing the different challenges.

The whole game is based in the medieval era which is very refreshing. It’s something new but the thrill and action are as wonderful as it should be in a full-force action game.

9.Implosion: Never Lose Hope –

Implosion is great a masterpiece. Its storytelling is something which every gamer relates to. The story has a flavor of survival and revenge.

The history of the story is the world which is demolished by a species called XADA squares off with the last human species.

The game is famous for phenomenal graphics, good voice quality which is developed by the Grammy award winner graphics designer John Kurlander. From this game feels very cool to the eyes because of great images quality. The several of weapons and different ways of destruction shown in the game are amazingly. You will be feeling yourself like a half machine, half-man (like Terminator) in the game to save the last human species in the battle.

10.  WWE Immortals –

WWE is amazing, and the game is much better. The game is quite different from other WWE games which were released first, in this game you go out of the box; you don’t fight your enemy’s wrestler in the ring but in another world which is devastating. All the wrestlers in the game have supernatural powers to be used in the combat. The game has huge sets of moves to make you memorable for long. The wrestlers are equipped with fighting weapons and can change their capabilities frequently as you advance further in the game. In this game there is another world with interesting characters will be wonderful and good experience for you.

It is groundbreaking in terms of graphics and animations, and you will be surprise while playing the game. It has many options along with a unique kind of touch play mode. Winning from your opponent by using mystical powers and increase the level of fighting, moves, features and powers as you move forward in the game.


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