Advanced Strategic Management Universities past papers

Advanced Strategic Management Universities past papers

Advance Strategic Management
Advance Strategic Management

 Q1: What is Strategic Management? What is the role of PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and

Technological) analysis in strategy formulation

Q2: Based on your understanding of IKEA case study, explain the role of strategic thinking and

successful implementation of strategy.

Q3: What are the five elements of globalization? How does globalization affect the strategy of an

organization like PIA?

Q4: Explain the forces that determine the nature and intensity of competition. Give some examples of various case studies.

Q5: How can an organization use modern technology for gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage?  Refer to Dell as a case in point.

Q6: What factors determine the choice between competition and cooperation? What have you learned from Microsoft in this regard?

Q7:  What strategic choices need to be made before entering a new market like China? Refer to the

strategic approach of Wal-Mart in your answer.

Q8: Write short notes on any two of the following :

  1. RBV (Resource-based view)
  2. SBU (Strategic Business Unit)
  3. Product Differentiation