Strategic Human Resource Management Past Papers


Subject: Strategic Human Resource Management

Time Allowed: 15 Min

Total Marks: 10

NOTE: ATTEMPT THIS PAPER ON THIS QUESTION SHEET ONLY. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I Encircle the correct option, each question carries equal marks. (10)

1. Selection process typically begins with
A. Testing and reviewing work samples
B. Interviewing candidates
C. Screening applications and resumes
D. Checking references and background
2. The extent to which something provides economic value greater than its cost is called
A. Reliability
B. Validity a Utility
C. Generalizability
3. Which of the following include/s in determining effectiveness of a performance measure?
A. Fit with strategy
B. Acceptability
C. Validity
D. All the above
4. The purpose/s of performance management system is/are
A. Operational
B. Administrative
C. Strategic
D. Both B&C
5. ________ is the extent to which performance on a measure is related to what the measure is designed to assess.
A. Reliability
B. Validity
C. Generalizability
D. Utility
6. Contracting with another organization to perform a broad set of services is known as _______.
A. Offshoring
B. Outsourcing
C. Both A & B
D. None of the above
7. ___________ is defined as a training method that represents a real-life situation, with trainees making decisions resulting in outcomes that mirror what would happen on the job.
A. Experiential program
B. Simulation
C. Apprenticeship
D. Internship
8. Personnel policies are designed to promote ____________ in an organization.
A. Fair decision making
B. Customer service
C. Workplace safety
D. All of the above
9. The basic managerial skill(s) is (are).
A. To supervise
C. To stimulate
B. To motivate
D. All of the above
10. Performance development plan is set for the employees by
A. Employer
C. Immediate boss
B. Department head
D. All of the above