Adjective of geology

Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Earthly Pertaining to the Earth and its physical features The artist drew inspiration from the earthly landscapes.
Geologic Connected to the geological features and history The geologic formations in the area were of great interest.
Geological Relating to the study of the Earth’s structure The students conducted a geological survey of the region.
Metamorphic Relating to rock changes due to heat and pressure The mountain range displayed impressive metamorphic formations.
Paleontological Concerned with the study of ancient life forms The museum featured a collection of paleontological specimens.
Sedimentary Pertaining to rocks formed by deposition The layers of sedimentary rock contained fossilized remains.
Seismic Concerned with earthquakes and seismic activity The region experienced frequent seismic tremors.
Stratigraphic Relating to the arrangement of rock layers The stratigraphic analysis revealed a complex geological history.
Tectonic Related to the large-scale movement of Earth’s crust The earthquake was caused by tectonic plate shifts.
Volcanic Associated with volcanic activity and processes The volcanic ash covered the landscape after the eruption.
Adjective of geology
Adjective of geology