How to write a resume for a job search: Tips for applicants

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Resume Title and Professional Preferences

The headline is also your goal in your job search. We enter the title of the position for which we are applying. Our headline will look something like this “Resume for the job of a foreman.” What should you include on your resume right after the title? Correctly! Those working conditions to which you will definitely agree.

Personal data

Personal data includes the following:

  • Full name of the applicant;
  • Age Family status;
  • Citizenship;
  • Place of residence;
  • Contact information for communication.

A photo

A photo in a resume is a good advantage. Believe me, the employer will focus on your candidacy. But!!! your photo should do this! A professional business photo is best suited for this purpose. Quite often, applicants insert images captured on a smartphone, low-quality scans of a passport or ID into their presentation. It is not right. If you nevertheless decide to take a photo for a resume using your phone, then at least try to find the appropriate background, take a normal position, ask someone close to you to take a picture.


Don’t hide your age. Today this is an important indicator for an employer and he can be disappointed if you are not sincere.

Family status

Be sure to indicate if you are currently married and if you have children. This can be important for the employer if he plans to employ you in certain circumstances, such as business trips.

Contact details

Indicate all possible ways to contact you. Keep in mind, however, that the most important of these are phone and email. Leaving your phone number to the employer, be prepared for a callback, and you will have to clearly answer typical questions. You do not need to enter your home address. If you plan to find work near your home, specify the area. Very often the company is interested in the fact that the employee would live closer to the place of work.                                 

Work experience and professional skills

The moment is responsible, but not difficult to understand. You must enter information in the section that relates to your previous professional activities.

It means that you are obliged to indicate: in what period you worked for this or that enterprise, what position you occupied, and fully describe your job responsibilities.

Please note: in the first place you should put the last job, then the previous one, etc.

Job responsibilities

If you are planning to write a good resume for a job, then this point is very important. After a quick study of your personal data, the employer will move on to carefully study this particular section of the resume. After all, he needs to quickly assess your professional capabilities.

Therefore, we will describe in as much detail as possible your job responsibilities that you performed at your previous job.

Professional achievements

Perhaps you helped introduce new technologies at the enterprise, increase labor productivity, or product sales, etc. All this must be included in the resume without fail.

Your success in work and achievements are especially important if you are applying for a managerial position in an enterprise.

Okay, we have fully described your professional journey over the past years, and now is the time to move on. And then we have the next subsection …

Key skills

Here we reflect on all the professional skills that will be needed in the position for which you are applying, meaning summarize all your professional skills.

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