The Best Tool to Test the Speed of Your Internet

If you are worried about your internet speed and want to test the speed of your internet, then this tutorial will help you that how you can test the internet speed with the help of

I try to experiment with different tools to test the speed of the internet, and I found, a valuable tool in this regard. Let’s start with speedtest.

How to test?

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Just click the start button

how to test internet speed upload and download speed
how to test internet speed upload and download speed

Step 3: Just wait to load the full interface

upload and download speed test with
upload and download speed test with

What kind of information is tested?

Some important metrics are mentioned below;

  • Latency (Latency is considered as a measure of delay. In a network, latency is a measure of  the time it takes for the given data to get to its destination device across the network.)
  • Download speed
  • Stability(stability is considered one of the most important factors of internet speed to test the reliability of internet connection)
  • Upload speed
  • IP-Address
  • Internet Provider (The company providing you the facility of internet. For example in my case, I am using “Nayatel internet connection”.)
  • Security
  • Latency Average
  • Download Speed
  • Upload Speed Average
  • Longitude (Based on IP Address)

Visualization of speed test results

best tool for speed testing
best tool for speed testing


Latency: 178.6 ms

Download speed: 10.5 Mbps

Stability:  82%

Transferred Data: 22.94 MB

Upload speed: 5.3 Mbps

Stability: -196%

Transferred Data: 4.75 MB

IP-Address:, IPv6

Internet Provider:  Nayatel (Pvt) Ltd

Security: Connection unprotected (Install VPN)

The best thing is that if you check the speed many times, then this online tool will show the

Visualization of speed test statistics

best tool to check the speed of your internet
best tool to check the speed of your internet

average speed matrix. For example, if you test the speed of your internet two times, then this tool will calculate the average.  Some examples of average calculations are given below;

Latency Average: 180 ms

Download Speed: Average 10.45 Mbps
Upload Speed Average: 5.24 Mbps

Visualization of Location also tells us the location of our internet service provider. The main information visible is mentioned below;

Latitude(Based on IP Address): 33.6979 best tool to test internet speed best tool to test internet speed

Longitude (Based on IP Address): 73.0151

Some General information about Speed


measure speed of a connection

Kilobit (kb)—1,024 bits

Megabit (Mb) —1,024 kilobits

Gigabit (Gb) —1,024 megabits

Terabit (Tb) —1,024 gigabits

measure the size of a data file

Kilobyte (KB) —1,024 bytes

Megabyte (MB) —1,024 kilobytes

Gigabyte (GB) —1,024 megabytes

Terabyte (TB) —1,024 gigabytes

Wired bandwidth standards for connections

VDSL 55 Mbps
Fast Ethernet 100 Mbps
Gigabit Ethernet 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps
VSDL 2 Vplus 300 Mbps
100 Gigabit Ethernet 100 Gbps
Dialup Modem 56 kbps
T1 (Digital leased landline connection) 1.544 Mbps
OC3 (Ficer optic leased landline connection) 155 Mbps
10 Gigabit Ethernet 10 Gbps
VDSL 2 100 Mbps
Ethernet 10 Mbps
OC 12 (Ficer optic leased landline connection) 622 Mbps
T3 (Digital leased landline connection) 44.763 Mbps
E1 (Digital leased landline connection European) 2.048 Mbps
Asynchronous DSL 4 Mbps

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