General Tips For Passing The NTS/Special Test Exam

General Tips For Passing The NTS/Special Test Exam

Trick 1:

Prepare for subject test:

Subject test questions are mostly basic questions from the bachelor or master degree. You don’t need to prepare all the subjects in depth. You only need to prepare the basic knowledge of your subject.  You need to prepare compulsory subject to details. There are very little questions from elective subjects of your area.

Trick 2 :

Prepare for another kind of test:

English, General knowledge, Religious and national study questions are very major questions. Don’t need to put yourself into detail study. Only focus on main topics.

Trick 3 :

Don’t study exactly before the paper

Mostly you are confused when you study at the exact time and exact day of your exam. So be calm on the test day and try to feel all normal.

Trick 4:

Try to reach the exam hall as soon as possible:

When you are late for the exam. You are always confused and as a human being, you can perform very well in the exam. So always try to reach in exam hall as soon as possible.

Trick 5:

Don’t waste your time on a question:

Just think for an MCQs only for 30 seconds. If you fail to get the answer, then simply leave the question but put a little dot on the nearest answer according to your guess.  Do all the questions and at the end attempt the remaining questions.

Trick 6:

Don’t try to copy others

Don’t try to copy others. Why you are thinking that someone else is more intelligent than you. Be confident, maybe you are the most intelligent person in the exam hall.

Trick 7:

If the negative marking is in the paper, then leave the questions that are not clear to you. A negative mark can cause to decrease your awarded marks.

Trick 8:

Must solve the previous papers. Mostly questions are seen again and again in the test. So never forget to solve the past papers.