4 Level Nested for loop in JAVA SCRIPT??

Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil
Last modified on October 8th, 2019

4 Level Nested for loop in Javascript

4 Level Nested for loop in Javascript is the today topic of discussion in our tutorial. Suppose we are asked to write the four-level nested for loop program that displays the following stars;


4 Level Nested for loop Program in Javascript

Algorithm of 4 Level Nested for loop in Javascript

  1. Start
  2. Add<html>tag
  3. Add <head> tag
  4. Add<title> tags in between <head> tags
  5. Write the name of the title
  6. Close<head> tag
  7. Start <body>
  8. Give heading in <h1> tags
  9. Make a button
  10. End< body> tag
  11. Start <script> tag
  12. Make a function that calls on the button
  13. Declare variables in function as i,j,q,k
  14. Set Four loops to make it 4 levels nested for loop
  15. Place every loop in the body of the first loop
  16. Give command of printing *****and%*% according to conditions of the loop
  17. End </script>
  18. End </html>




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