Strong Numbers using constructor overloading in C++

Write a C++ program to find Strong Numbers within a range of numbers by using constructor overloading in C++.

We are using more than one constructor of the class T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers with the same name, and it is called constructor overloading.

In this program, the constructor must obey one or both of the following rules.

  1. All constructors with the same name and having a different number of parameters.
    • T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers() and another constructor as TT4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers(int one, int two).
  2. All constructors with the same name and have the same number of parameters but of different data types.
    • T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers(int one, int two) and another constructor as T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers(double one, double two).

Note: In this example, we are overloading the constructor with the following rule;

T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers() and another constructor as T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers(int one, int two).


Enter 1 for T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbersctor with No Parameter.

Enter 2 for T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbersuctor with Parameter.


You Have Selected a constructor with the Parameters.

Enter the Starting range here.


Enter Ending range :


The Strong numbers are.

1  2

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