Strong Numbers Using destructor in C++

Write a C++ program to find Strong Numbers within a range of numbers Using destructor in C++.

The destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() is a member function of the class T4Tutorials_destructor. Destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() has the same name as the name of its class T4Tutorials_destructor. The tild sign ∼ is used before the name of the destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor().

When the object a of the class T4Tutorials_destructordestroyed, then the destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() also destroyed automatically.
One class T4Tutorials_Sum can have only one destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor(). However, one class can have many constructors.
Destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() overloading is impossible.
The Destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() can’t have any arguments(parameters).
The destructor ~T4Tutorials_destructor() has no data type.


Please input the starting range of number :


Please input the starting range of number :


The Strong numbers are: 1  2. The destructor run.


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