Strong Numbers using friend function in C++

By Prof. Fazal Rehman Shamil

Write a C++ program to find Strong Numbers within a range of numbers by using friend function in C++.

If we declare a function int disp(T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers); as a friend function friend int disp(T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers); in a class class T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers , then this function int disp(T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers); can access the private and protected members of the class T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers. You must know that a global function can also be declared as a  friend function of the class.

Syntax of friend function in C++

class class_name_T4Tutorials_Strong_Numbers

friend return_type function_name(arguments);



Please input the starting range of number :


Please input the ending range of number :


The Strong numbers are:

1   2

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