Sorting A Queue C++ (Data structures)

Sorting A Queue C++ (Data structures)

The queue is basically a FIFO (First In First Out).

19 39 29 40 50
Front Rear


Sorting works on many algorithms. The sorting algorithm is a comparison-based algorithm in which each pair of adjacent elements is compared and the elements are swapped if they are not in the order.

How sorting will work:

Here is an example which is explaining the concept of sorting a Queue.


19 39 29 40 50
Front Rear

Start from the first two numbers, compare both of them to check which one is greater.

Here 39 is already greater than 19 so it is already sorted.

19 39 29 40 5
Smaller Greater



No Swapping needed.

Now we will compare 39 and 29

19 39 29 40 5
  Greater Smaller



Sorting A Queue C++ Data structures

Queue Sorting C++ data structures

Now compare 39 and 5. 39 and 5 will be swapped here.

19 29 39 5 40
  Greater Smaller



The queue will be:

Sorting A Queue Data structures

29 and 5 will be compared, these will be swapped because 5 is less than 29.

19 29 5 39 40
  Greater Smaller  


How to Sort a Queue C++

implementation of sorting a queue in C++

Finally, our sorted Queue will be :

5 19 29 39 40

C++ Program of Sorting A Queue (Data structures)


Program to Sort a Queue C++