PPSC Lecturer Paper 2020 Solved

PPSC Lecturer Paper Paper 2020 with a solution.

PPSC Lecturer Paper Paper 2020 Solved

PPSC Lecturer computer sceience Paper Paper 2020 Solved

computer sceience Lecturer Paper Paper 2020 PPSC Solution

The factory is a type of?

a factory is a function or method that returns objects of a varying prototype or class.

The square of 100?

The square of 100 is 10000.

The total number of Haroof e manqoot in Urdu?

The total number of Haroof e manqoot in Urdu is 17.

Result of 12a2 + 12a2?

Year of birth of Nabi Paak is also called?
Horseshoe bay is in?
Horseshoe Bay is a community of about 1,000 permanent residents, located in West Vancouver, in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
One unit formed in?
Malaria is a disease of?
Malaria is a disease of spleen.
French revolution is also called?
French Revolution, also called Revolution of 1789,
The scientific name of bleaching powder?
The scientific name of bleaching powder is Calcium hypochlorite.
DSL stands for
Digital subscriber line (DSL; originally digital subscriber loop)
SIM stands for
subscriber identity module
Round robin scheduling focus on?
time quantum
Which one is correct?
wrong is int my_salary=10,000
correct is int my_salary=1000 which one is correct?
MS Word minimum and maximum font size support?
Word supports font size between 1 and 1638.
The smallest font size available on the interface in MS-word is?
The smallest font size in MS-word is 8.
The maximum font size available on the interface in MS-word is?
The maximum font size in MS-word is 72.
Who tested Wuhai Missile ?

What is the meaning of salat?

The meaning of sala are “prayer”, “supplication”, “blessing” and “commendation”.

One class is a friend of another class. They both share their data member or only one?

only one.

Singly link list right part points to the?

Singly link list right part points to the next node.

We can implement a circular link list

We can implement a circular link list with both singly and doubly link list.

Correct syntax of for loop is?

for(int t4tutorials=0; t4tutorials<5; t4tutorials++)

What is the result of arithmetic expression 6+27/3*37?


Which of the following are nonlinear data structures?

A tree is a nonlinear data structure.

Equivalence partitioning is related to which testing?

Equivalence partitioning is related to black-box testing.

What is the correct array initialization?

int arr[]={2,4,5};

Where x=8, the arithmetic expression X%=2 will be calculated as?

Acropolis of Athens situated in which country?

Acropolis of Athens Located on a limestone hill high above Athens, Greece.

In which year west Pakistan became one unit?

The One Unit scheme was announced by Prime Minister Muhammad Ali Bogra on 22 November 1954.

When a call is made.
a) Stack is decremented by 2
b) Stack is incremented by 2
C) stack is divided by 2
d) stack is multiplied by 2
RAID stands for?
Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
Level of DFD?
A level 0 data flow diagram shows a data system as a whole.
“Khisyani Billi, Khamba nochye.” Meaning.
Shrminda admi gussa kry
How much union() operation takes parameters on disjoint set?
A process of dividing a task into subtask for executing on different processors called?
which operator returns false when both bits are set.
what is the output of xor operator when both bits are set.
We divide the process into?
When process block due to I/O, then move to what queue?
cipher text?
We can derive class from template class?

BST smallest value position?
The individual independent module testing of a software is called?
Unit testing
What happens if the database field has no value?
Divide memory into segments is called?
How to roundof 1.6 to 2?
The ceil() function return the next highest integer value of 1.6 by rounding up the value to 2.
wireshark used for wire and wireless
I bought a beautiful dress from mall?
beautiful is adjective
Change vice. Why was I not invited by him to dinner?
Why he did not invite me to dinner.
Highest peak of koh hindukash?
tirch mir
Which declartion statement is correct: 
a)int my_int = 10,000
b) int my _int = 10000;
c) int my int = 1000
d) int my-int = 1000
Answer is b) int my _int = 10000;
tasks done and submit to system
batch system
which is more complex hub from bridges, bridge from repeater, repeater
How many URL segments?
array={,3,4,5,6} then array+1 will give the output of?
Other topics covered in the test
One to many relationships | Binary search tree, AVL tree | Huffman code | XOR | class template | Operator overloading, and associativity | deadlock avoidance | PCB | UDP | Active passive English one question | Urdu 2 questions |Viruses | Software requirement | CMM