Network Management System of ABC Company project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Network Management System of ABC Company project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Project Domain / Category



There is a company having four departments namely production, finance, human resource (H.R) and sale and marketing, the organization has only one switch of 24 ports and a router the CEO of the company wishes to restrict the access of every employee out of his/her own department plus implement access police against every employee of the company.

Primarily the big and vital motive of the system to be developed will be to overcome and streamline the above task, this application will logically divide the switch ports. And interlink them using router plus make use of a domain to implement access policy against every employee.

The system will be user-friendly so that the user would not come across any kind of inconveniences to access out department or go on the internet.

Functional Requirements:

Each department has six employees.

Installation of window server 2012 r2.

Installation of the domain controller.

Creating user accounts, group policy, rights (privilege).

Creation of VLANs.

Installation of FTP and Web Server.


Cisco switch, router, window server 12 r2, desktop/ laptop core i3, 4gb ram, hard drive 120 GB.


Tools (optional)

Virtual Box, GNS3, UNL, NS2 VMware etc.

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