Introduction of SOCIAL NETWORK PORTAL Project

Viewing information about living areas or routes of places, or complaining any official person at the government places and recovery can be done. There is no need to go

to any department. One can easily get information about the places or schools or any
information about his livings”. No need to go for complains now without wasting time
one can easily complain about any system after a simple login verification process. The user
can also check the status of his complain after entering the complain number. A system
social network portal is where a common person can submit his/her problem belongs to
any part of city or country and other people provide and share their suggestions and
experiences with that relevant user.

Expected Outcome of SOCIAL NETWORK PORTAL Project

The outcome of this project will influence on each and every common person in this

country. Corrupt and system which just runs on a reference will surely be minimized.
The problems will be resolved of every person with justice instead of corruption in
every department.

Functional Requirements of SOCIAL NETWORK PORTAL Project

In Home Page, We have a menu bar in which we defined our main Functional Requirements
1 News Paper
2 Web chat (official )
3 Post Questions
4 Show Questions
5 Complain Box
6 Places
In this function, we provided the link to the users of this website. Any user of this
the website can read any newspaper from the given list of newspapers.
2 different language newspapers are provided which are most commonly used in
the country.
It should be kept in mind that we used linking process there which means that
different newspapers will be collected to show from a different website.
For using this, a person first will open the home page of the website, after that
from the main menu, option user will first click the newspaper option, after clicking the
main menu option from the menu bar, a new page will be open of the site, which will
give options to the user to read the desired newspaper
In this function, we provided the group chat for the users of this website so that
they can share their problems with each other and may get the desired solution even
from concerning from this website officials.
For using this option on the site, the user must have an account on our site so that he
can connect to the social world and can share its problems with other users of the particular
site. All the users who are online will be shown on the right side of the page so that user
can also talk to any desired user.
In this Function, we provided a place for the user to raise their questions with all
the users of the website.
For using this option, a user must have an account on the site so that admin can
have all the data of a particular person for security reasons.
From the home page of the site, the user will select the post questions to option for using
this function, after selecting this option a new page will open from which user will post
his or her query on the site which will be submitted after verification of the account from
the database.

In this function, we can watch the questions which are raised and the answers
which are given by users.
For using this function, a user will open the show questions option from the main
menu which is given on the homepage slider, after selecting this, a new page will be
open in which all the questions which are raised on the website will be shown to that
particular user.
In this function, a person can complain to the officials of this page to resolve their
problem. We have 2 options to the user to select whether which type of complaining he or
she wants to register. If he/she wants to register private complain the complaint status
will be kept private from all the users of the website except the administrator of the
website. After submitting complain, the mail will be sent to that particular department
If the person is submitting a public post, then that complain can be seen by
anyone on the website
Here we can check the famous places or the desired place of the city.
In this function, a user can search the famous places (Government Sectors,
Government School) of the desired city which will help for the user to track the desired
place easily who is new in the city or do not have anyhow of the particular city.
For using this function, a user will select the option “Places” from the menu bar which is
located on the home page of the site.

Class Diagram of SOCIAL NETWORK PORTAL Project

You can click here to see the Class Diagram of SOCIAL NETWORK PORTAL Project.