What Are The 4 Steps For Finding An Inverse?

Inverse operations are usually used in mathematical analysis to find the inverse of any given function. The inverse of an exponential function, for instance, may be found using a logarithmic function. In any case, our major goal is to emphasize the correct method for exactly determining the inverse of any futon. However, utilize the online inverse function calculator provided by calculator-online.net if you need quick and accurate computations. You can quickly get the inverse of any mathematical function using this free inverse calculator.

We will be explaining how to get a function’s inverse in this technical article.

Let’s get started!

The Formula For a Function’s Inverse:

With the aid of the following formula, you can find the inverse of a function:

f1(x) = y where f(y) = x

But instead of using this formula, which takes a long time to calculate the output, utilize the free online inverse function calculator for prompt and accurate results.

Graph of the Inverse Function:

You need to be aware of the fact that the graphs of the functions y = f(x) and x = f(y) are identical. What has just happened is that the variables x and y have been changed in order to graph the equation y = f(x).

How Do I Calculate Any Function’s Inverse?

Well, this part seeks to be focused. We’ll be solving a few instances right now to further develop your point. Let’s discover how!

Example No. 1

Discover the inverse of the following function:

y = x + 3x


The variables x and y in the above function will first be reversed as shown below:

y = x + 3x

x = y + 3y

x = 4y

y = x / 4

This may also be quickly determined by utilizing the free online inverse function calculator. It is the necessary inverse of the provided function.

Example No. 2

Find the inverse of the following function:

y =x = y+11/13y+19


We will use the exact same procedures we used in example # 01 here in order to produce the results:

x = y+11/13y+19

y = x + 11/13x + 19

y(13x + 19) = x + 11

13xy + 19y = x + 11

13xy + 19y – x = 11

13xy – x = 11 – 19y

x(13y – 1) = 11 – 19y

x = 11 – 19y/13y – 1

This is the necessary inverse of the presented function.

Use a calculator for inverse functions:

Use a function calculator’s free inverse to improve the results of your calculations. Let’s look at how!

  • Your job title should be entered in the appropriate field.
  • Click the calculate button to see the results.
  • The result will appear right away on the calculator’s screen.

What a speed!

To Sum It Up:

Determining the inverse of the functions is not a child’s play as you need to focus and recall all the calculus concepts needed to carry out the exact computations. In this article, we covered how to determine a function’s inverse both manually and with the use of a free online inverse function calculator. You’ll benefit greatly from it, we hope.


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