Advance Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Advanced Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Advance Thermodynamics Universities Past Papers

Q.1. Write short notes on any TWO of the following:

         (a) Fuel  system    (b)  Combustion    (c) Dissociation ( d ) Supercharging                              ( 7,7)                                

Q.2 Define thermodynamics. Discuss briefly the scope, nature, and fields of applications of thermodynamics.     ( 14 )

Q.3. Explain, briefly, the following terms used in thermodynamics: Thermodynamics  System,  Surroundings, Boundary and State variables.       ( 14 )

Q.4. Describe the principle of a working of a  4 – stroke  PETROL  ENGINE  with the help of neat diagrams.        ( 14 )

Q.5. Discuss in brief the various strokes in the working of a DIESEL ENGINE with the help of neat diagrams.      ( 14 )

Q.6. Explain the construction and function of a single stage reciprocating air compressor with the help of a neat diagram.  ( 14 )

Q.7. A combustible mixture of carbon monoxide and air which is ( 10 ℅  ) rich is compressed to a pressure of (8.28 bar ) and a temperature of  ( 282 o C ). The mixture is ignited and combustion occurs adiabatically at constant volume

. When the maximum temperature is attained analysis shows  ( 0.22 kmol ) of  ( CO )

        present for (1 kmol )  of  (CO )  supplied. Show that the maximum temperature reached is ( 2695 o C ). (14)

Q.8. Show that the thermal efficiency of the dual combustion cycle depends on the compression ratio and the o the relative amounts of heat supplied at constant volume and at constant pressure.                (14 )

Advance Thermodynamics Past Papers and important Questions