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Advance Strategic Marketing Universities Past Papers

Advanced Strategic Marketing Universities Past Papers

Q1: Objective Questions (Provide answers to your answer sheets)

  1. _________________Consists of variables within organization but not usually within long-run control of top management.
  1. As a plan, a strategy can be a ploy too; really just a specific man composition intended to outsmart an opponent or competitor.
  1. Market cannibalization refers to a situation where a new product “eats” up the sales and demand of an existing product
  1. Product development involves developing additional or new products to serve existing market segments
  1. Organizational buying is more complex

Q2.      Explain five steps in the ladder of customer loyalty?

Q3.      Explain cost focus strategy and differentiation focus strategy?

Q4.      Micheal Porter’s generic strategies can be applied to both product/service, with help of diagram explains these strategies?

Q5.      Explain the concept of Targeting. Discuss different target market strategies?

Q6.      What is value-based marketing? Explain.

Q7.      Why competitor’s analysis is important for companies operating in a specific industry. Support your answer with relevant examples?

Q8.      Using relevant examples explain the characteristics of services?

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