Advance Health Education Past Paper Universities past papers

Advance Health Education Past Paper Universities past papers

Advance Health Education Past Paper

Q.1,    Tick √ the right answers to the following.                                                               14

             I,       Release of ———-Blood clotting

          a)Fibrinogen               b) Adrenaline              c )Hormones                     d)None of these

            ii,         Static is synonymous to ————–.

  1. a) plyometrics              b) eccentric                   c) isokinetic                       d) isometric

             iii,       Running reduce———-and depression

  1. a) Anxiety b) Fats                       c) Weigh                          d) None of these

             iv,         ——————————Promote water conservation.

  1. a) Insulin b) Anitdiuretic hormone (ADH)          c) glucagon           d) none of these

              v,          Sports injuries can happen at

  1. Team Age b) Youth                      c) Any Age                 d) Old Age

              vi,        Primary Source of Energy during exercise is __________

  1. Protein b) Fat                           c) Carbohydrate          d) Water    

            vii,     According to———-A sound mind in a sound body

                   a)Aristotle                b) Mr. Bitcher                 c)Rouso                         d) Willam

            viii,        Up to ______________ of the body’s weight consist on water

  1. 75%              b) 78%                                      c) 80%                        d) 85%

            Viii,      Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy.                                           T /  F

             ix, the Primary function of  Tissue is tissue building.                                               T /  F

             x,          Carbohydrates are a Primary source of fuel for heat.                                      T /  F

            xi,         Sports Medicine specializes in the prevention and treatment of Injures.             T /  F

            xii,        Now formula of 1st AID is  Rice.                                                                  T /  F

            xiii,       Active people need maximum 3000 kcal per day.                                         T /  F

             xiv,       During doping test urine, is not must be given.                                             T /  F


Q.2:     Define Physical Education. Describe the need and importance of sports in active lifestyle?                           14

Q.3:     Physical Education programs lead to National building active in the modern age?                                                     14

Q.4:     Describe the significance of Personal Hygiene and Cleanliness with special reference to Muslim Cultural     14

  1. 5: Describe of the following;                                                                                                                 7+7=14
  2. a) Balance Diet b) Carbohydrate         

Q.6:     Write a note on the following;                                                                                                   5+5+4=14

  1. a) Muscular Injuries b) Fractures        c) Treatment & Rehabilitation  


Q.7:     What is pollution? Explain the different kinds of pollution.                                                              14

Q.8:     Write a note of followings;                                                                                                                    7+7=14

  1. a) HIV/ Aids b) Hepatitis A, B, C.