XML Tutorials

What is XML?

  • XML is the eXtensible Markup Language
  • XML is for creating the user defined tags but it is impossbile in HTML.
  • XML is a markup language.
  • Most of the XML rules are simmilar to HTML
  • XML was designed to store data intelligently especially very usefull form maintiaing the data ontologies.
  • XML was designed to transport data.
  • XML is a W3C Recommendation.


  <title>Book On XML</title>


Here in example 1, all tags are user defined tags. These tags are self created only to give data a meaning. Now this data is more understandable for machine.

Now machine and human both can understand easily that

  • “Book On XML” is the name of a book.
  • “Sameed” is  name of the author
  • “T4” is name of the publisher.

What is the ifference between XML and HTML?

eXtensible Markup Language Hypertext Markup Language
Carry data Display data
Tags are not predefined Tags are predefined
 More helpful in ontologies Less helpful in ontologies