XML Elements

What are XML elements?

An XML element is everything from the XML element’s starting tag to the XML element’s ending tag.

An element can contain:

  • Starting tag
  • Attributes
  • Text
  • Closing tag
  • other elements
  • or a combination of all things mentioned above.


<author category=”literature”> sameed </author>

In this example;

<author> is the starting tag

sameed is the text

Category is the attribute/property

Literature is the value of the attribute.

</author> is the closing of the tag.

XML Naming Rules:

  • Element name is case-sensitive:
  • Element name must start with a underscore or alphabets.
  • Element name cannot start with the letters XML/xML/xml/Xml, etc.
  • Element name cannot contain spaces
  • Element name can contain digits,  letter, hyphens, periods and underscore. 
  • Element name can have any name except xml.



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