Workshop Technology Past Papers and important Exam Questions

Workshop Technology Past Paper 1

Time Allowed: 3 hours


Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Subject: Workshop Technology


Q1:      Explain the safety precaution of the workshop.

Q2:      Name and explain any five parts of a lath machine using neat and clean diagrams.

Q3:      Briefly explain the manufacturing operation of gear teeth using milling machine.

Q4:      Briefly explain Honing, Polishing and Buffing processes.

Q5:      Briefly explain the difference between NC and CNC Machines.

Q6:      Briefly explain the Arc Welding and Gas Welding with neat and clean diagrams.

Q7:      Define and explain precision machining with the help of examples.

Q8:      Explain any two of the following.

  1. Mechanism of Chip Formation
  2. Broaching Machine Operation
  3. High-Speed Machining