Which vitamin was discovered by casimir funk?

QUESTION: Which vitamin was discovered by casimir funk?


  • Funk’s research and discovery of “vitamine” (later known as vitamin B1 or thiamin) marked a significant milestone in nutritional science
  • He is best known for coining the term “vitamine” (later shortened to “vitamin”) and proposing the concept of essential nutrients.
  • In 1912, Casimir Funk conducted research on beriberi, a disease prevalent in populations relying heavily on polished rice as a staple food.
  • Funk’s concept of vitamins as essential dietary components gained widespread recognition and led to the discovery of other vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin A, and the B-complex vitamins.


Information Description
Name ·        Casimir Funk
Nationality ·        Polish
Birth Date ·        February 23, 1884
Death Date ·        November 19, 1967
Field of Work ·        Biochemistry

·        Nutrition

Contribution and Discoveries ·        Coined the term “vitamine” (later shortened to “vitamin”)
  ·         Identified and named thiamin (vitamin B1)
  ·        Investigated beriberi and identified a substance in rice husk
·        Proposed the concept of essential nutrients
·        Pioneered research on other vitamins and their functions
Legacy ·        His work laid the foundation for the study of vitamins and nutrition
·        Established the concept of essential nutrients
Notable Publications ·        “The Etiology of the Deficiency Diseases” (1912)
  ·        “The Vitamines” (1912)
  ·        “The Role of Vitamins in Nutrition” (1922)
  ·        “The Vitamine Deficiency Diseases” (1923)