Sub Engineer Civil MCQs Pdf

sub engineer civil MCQs pdf

On the painted surface _____ is known as the appearance of glossy patches.
a) Running
b) Blooming
c) Flashing
d) Blistering
Answer: c

From____ synthetic rubber paints are prepared.
a) Polyvinyl Chloride
b) Rubber
c) Synthetic fibers
d) Resin
Answer: d

_____ paint contains polystyrene as a base.
a) Synthetic rubber
b) Enamel
c) Aluminium
d) Emulsion
Answer: d

What is the use of spray paint?
a) Apply paint without touching the surface
b) Apply a large amount of paint
c) Reach high areas
d) Get textured paint
Answer: a

A smooth surface is required for cement paints to be applied.
a) True
b) False
Answer: b

To make paints odorless to an extent____ is used.
a) Plioway resins
b) Celluloid sheets
c) Acrylic compound
d) Flat latex
Answer: a

_____ is not an example of a base.
a) White lead
b) Zinc oxide
c) Cobalt
d) Red lead
Answer: c

By adding white spirit, the open-time of paint can be extended.
a) False
b) True
Answer: b

After _____ dissolved gum added to the solution in a whitewash.
a) 6 hours
b) 12 hours
c) 24 hours
d) 1 hour
Answer: c

Cheaper varieties of paint are ______
a) Distempers
b) Pointing
c) Colour wash
d) Acrylics
Answer: a

There are _____ components in paint.
a) 3
b) 5
c) 4
d) 6
Answer: d

When exposed to sun _____ paint gets deteriorated.
a) Asbestos
b) Aluminium
c) Oil
d) Bituminous
Answer: d

Select which of the following is highly washable and has a sheen.
a) Acrylic flat
b) Acrylic eggshell
c) Acrylic gloss
d) Acrylic satin
Answer: d

For which purpose the vehicle in paint used?
a) To obscure surface
b) To reduce crack on the surface
c) To provide shine to the surface
d) To adhere to the surface
Answer: d

To avoid _____ paint should provide resistance.
a) Corrosion
b) Sound
c) Heat
d) Warping
Answer: a

_____ is a pigment imparting brown colour.
a) Burnt sienna
b) Soot
c) Raw sienna
d) Ultramarine
Answer: a

The function of ______ is done by component filler in paint.
a) Absorbing oxygen
b) Smooth spreading
c) Consistency
d) Reducing the cost
Answer: d

_____ is the most commonly used base.
a) Red lead
b) Zinc white
c) White lead
d) Oxide of iron
Answer: c
Oil paint is applied to a surface in____ layers.
a) 3
b) 4
c) 2
d) 1
Answer: a

For ordinary work, which of the following vehicles are used?
a) Nut oil
b) Poppy oil
c) Stand oil
d) Linseed oil
Answer: a

Select when we should add a drier to the paint?
a) 12 hours before paint is used
b) Immediately after opening it
c) When the paint is ready to use
d) 1 hour before paint is used
Answer: c

Select which is a characteristic of an ideal paint?
a) Health of the worker is unaffected
b) Costly
c) Pleasant smell
d) Dries rapidly
Answer: a

___ is present in emulsion paints.
a) Nitro cotton
b) Polyvinyl acetate
c) White lead
d) Zinc white
Answer: b

For priming coat to new woodwork, the _____ base is generally used.
a) Antimony white
b) Aluminium powder
c) Titanium dioxide
d) Red lead
Answer: b

Saponification is identified by the appearance of _______ and it is a defect on the painted surface.
a) Soapy patches
b) Dull patches
c) Bubbles
d) Wrinkles
Answer: a

If the paint is applied excessively thick_____ defect occurs.
a) Wrinkling
b) Running
c) Grinning
d) Flaking
Answer: a

In a paint, the base does not serve the function of_____
a) Durability
b) Catalyst
c) Protection against UV rays
d) Hard and elastic
Answer: b

In color the anticorrosive paint is _____
a) Black
b) White
c) Blue
d) Yellow
Answer: a

Select how does the drier act as a catalyst?
a) Releasing oxygen
b) Absorbing oxygen
c) Releasing water
d) Absorbing water
Answer: b

A base widely used for exterior works is called Lithophone.
a) False
b) True
Answer: a