Presentation Topics of Computational Mechanics and Aeroelastic Tailoring

Presentation Topic: Computational Mechanics and Aeroelastic Tailoring

  1. SPH Simulation for Short Fibre Recycling Using Water Jet Alignment
  2. Uncertainty quantification for industrial design using dictionaries of reduced order models
  3. Aeroelastic Damping Estimation for a Flexible High-Aspect-Ratio Wing
  4. Wind Turbine Blade Aerodynamic Efficiency Enhancement Efforts-A Compiled Review
  5. Time-domain nonlinear aeroelastic analysis and wind tunnel test of a flexible wing using strain-based beam formulation
  6. Estimating model inadequacy in ordinary differential equations with physics-informed neural networks
  7. Aeroelastic response of rotorcraft
  8. Transient Growth and Decay of Aeroelastic Stall Flutter
  9. State consistence of data-driven reduced order models for parametric aeroelastic analysis
  10. A compute-bound formulation of Galerkin model reduction for linear time-invariant dynamical systems
  11. Enhancement of static and dynamic performance of composite tapered pretwisted rotating blade with variable stiffness
  12. Flight Testing of 65Kg T-Flex Subscale Demonstrator
  13. Unsteady aerodynamic reduced-order modeling based on machine learning across multiple airfoils
  14. Aeroelastic mode decomposition framework and mode selection mechanism in fluid–membrane interaction
  15. Optimization of bridges with short gap streamlined twin-box decks considering structural, flutter and buffeting performance
  16. Multiaxial mechanical characterization of latex skin for morphing wing application
  17. Investigations on the interactions between structural and aerodynamic nonlinearities and unsteadiness for aeroelastic systems
  18. Active flutter control of the wind turbines using double-pitched blades
  19. Exact benchmark solutions of random vibration responses for thin-walled orthotropic cylindrical shells
  20. A framework for enhanced decision-making in aircraft conceptual design optimisation under uncertainty
  21. Output-Only Aeroelastic Analysis of Helicopters in Atmospheric Turbulence
  22. Dynamic response mechanism of the galloping energy harvester under fluctuating wind conditions
  23. Online DWT algorithm for identification of aerodynamic damping in wind turbines
  24. Nonlinear Aerodynamic Reduced-Order Modeling Using Neuro-Fuzzy Approaches
  25. Computational design and experimental testing of a flexible bi-stable airfoil for passive flow control
  26. On the onset of aeroelastic pitch-oscillations of a NACA0012 wing at transitional Reynolds numbers
  27. Flow-induced instabilities of springs-mounted plates in viscous flows: A global stability approach
  28. Quantitative analysis of the kinematics and induced aerodynamic loading of individual vortices in vortex-dominated flows: a computation and data-driven approach
  29. Design of an aeroelastic physical model of the DTU 10MW wind turbine for a floating offshore multipurpose platform prototype
  30. An Overview of the State of the Art in Co-Simulation and Related Methods
  31. Modeling and Flutter Analysis of a 3D Box-Wing using Wagner Unsteady Aerodynamic Model
  32. HFBB model test for tall buildings: A comparative benchmark with a full-aeroelastic model
  33. Tailoring bistability in unsymmetrical laminates using an additional composite strip
  34. Nonlinear Aeroelastic Simulations and Stability Analysis of the Pazy Wing Aeroelastic Benchmark
  35. Explicit finite element method for nonlinear flutter analysis of composite panels
  36. Aeroelastic Response Simulation of a 3D Printed High Altitude Propeller
  37. Advances in stability, bifurcations and nonlinear vibrations in mechanical systems
  38. Dense flow field interpolations from PTV data in the presence of generic solid boundaries
  39. Usefulness of inclined circular cylinders for designing ultra-wide bandwidth piezoelectric energy harvesters: Experiments and computational investigations
  40. Modeling and finite element analysis of composite propeller blade for aircraft
  41. Adaptive Discontinuous-Galerkin Reduced-Basis Reduced-Quadrature Method for Many-Query CFD Problems
  42. Damage Characterization of Composite Stiffened Panel Subjected to Low Velocity Impact
  43. Stabilization of a smoothed finite element semi-implicit coupling scheme for viscoelastic fluid–structure interaction
  44. A partitioned solution approach for the fluid–structure interaction of thin-walled structures and high-Reynolds number flows using RANS and hybrid RANS–LES …
  45. Fluid-structure interaction for the flexible filament’s propulsion hanging in the free stream
  46. Dimensionally reduced nonlinear solids with general loads and constitutive laws: Theory and finite element formulation for rod-like bodies
  47. Investigation of wind-induced dynamics of a cable net roof with aeroelastic wind tunnel tests
  48. Multi-scale deterministic optimisation of blended composite structures: case study of a box-wing
  49. Baseline Flight Control System for High Altitude Long Endurance Aircraft
  50. Fundamental frequency optimization of variable stiffness composite skew plates
  51. Floating offshore wind turbine aerodynamics: Trends and future challenges
  52. Supplemental-frequency harmonic balance: A new approach for modeling aperiodic aerodynamic response
  53. Design, Analysis and Experimental Evaluation of 3D Printed Variable Stiffness Structures
  54. Modeling of near wake characteristics in floating offshore wind turbines using an actuator line method
  55. Routes to Synchronization in a pitch-plunge aeroelastic system with coupled structural and aerodynamic nonlinearities
  56. Transient aeroelastic response of a rotor on a sea-based oil rig during engagement operations
  57. State Variable Form of Unsteady Airfoil Aerodynamics with Vortex Shedding
  58. A super-convergent thin-walled 3D beam element for analysis of laminated composite structures with arbitrary cross-section
  59. Aeroelastic analysis of an air-to-air refueling hose–drogue system through an efficient novel mathematical model
  60. A coupled efficient layerwise finite element model for free vibration analysis of smart piezo-bonded laminated shells featuring delaminations and transducer …

Research Area: Computational Mechanics and Aeroelastic Tailoring