Android Bus Service Project in Java

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Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application

Abstract / Introduction

Android Bus Service will be a nationwide transport android application that helps bus companies and passengers to make road travel convenient among several cities of Pakistan. The passengers can online book their seats in advance make sure to have a hassle-free journey. This app will facilitate users to view their travel information using graphs.

Functional Requirements

  1. The application shall be able to register company officials like city terminal manager, driver/captain, support staff, bus details, routes, etc.
  2. The application shall be able to register passengers including their name, CNIC number, Cell number, etc.
  3. The application should be able to show all possible route plans (with departure terminal, arrival terminal, and travel time) and company bus terminals to passengers using Google maps.
  4. The application should be able to book their seat(s) according to the available route between cities. The app should be able to show seat-wise bus details so that passengers can easily book his/her seat(s) as per convenience. The passengers will buy their tickets from the terminal physically accordingly. This app is for booking purposes, not for online purchasing of bus tickets.
  5. This app should be able to send mobile messages to the passengers once the booking process is completed. This message should contain basic information like seat number, departure date and time, departure terminal name, arrival terminal name, arrival time, travel time, bus registration number, driver name, and driver mobile number.
  6. This app should be able to facilitate users (including company staff like drivers and passengers) to view and manage their travel information and statistics using graphs, pie charts, etc.
  7. The application shall be able to cancel pre-booked seats.
  8. The application shall be able to search any particular trip according to its name, date, destination, etc. for all users.
  9. The application shall consist of a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Note: Try the Daewoo Express Mobile android app and see its functionalities to get an idea.


  1. IDE: Android Studio
  2. Programming Language: Java
  3. Database: MySQL, Firebase
  4. Unified Modelling Language (UML): Microsoft Visio, IBM Rational Rose

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