Introduction to Marketing past papers

Time Allowed: 1:15 hour

Note: Attempt all questions.

Avoid unnecessary details. Be brief and to the point. Read all questions carefully. All questions are self-explanatory.

Manage your time.

Question 1: Give short answers to the following questions. (6 Marks)

i. Define the Marketing mix and describe its elements. (3)

ii. Identify the type of market growth strategy of each following

of the strategy only, no details required): (3)

a) Savor foods opening its branch in Lahore.

b) McDonald’s adding drive-through windows to its restaurants.

c) Coca-Cola started selling Coke zero.

d) Fauji Fertiliser Bin Qasim has ventured into the Fauji meat project.

Question 2: What are different marketing management orientations/concepts that guide marketing strategy? Explain with examples. (6 marks)

Question 3: We all are consumers and we consume different things on daily basis. Think of a recent purchase that you have made and explain the process of consumer decision-making that you went through with the help of that real example (6 Marks)