Tips on Writing a Good Essay: Valuable Information for The Student

Tips on Writing a Good Essay: Valuable Information for The Student

Today, writing persuasive essays has become a fairly common form of organizing students’ independent work. Execution of this task involves systematization, consolidation, and expansion of theoretical and practical knowledge of the specialty and its application in solving specific problems. The ability to identify a scientific problem, explain and formulate its relevance, plan and analyze, independently argue conclusions, summarize and systematize the results are taken into account in the evaluation of work as such, certifying the theoretical and methodological level of the student and his/her ability to work professionally.

Taking into account the importance of performing an argumentative essay, students treat this type of college assignment as responsibly as possible. However, there are difficulties that almost everyone faces. Sometimes topics are quite complex, or the student cannot find enough information in the literature, in other cases, there is simply no time for proper text writing and editing. But still, there are ways to overcome any difficulties and create a truly stellar paper.

We will try to make this article as useful as possible for you, so in the first part, we will provide tips on writing a good college essay, and in the second, we will describe the reliable custom essay writing service that you can contact to get custom essay help and buy quality papers. Try to study the material carefully.

Best Essay Writing Tips for College Students

Like any article, short speech, or abstract, an essay has a certain composition and format. Therefore, the general requirements for writing and formatting, as well as for the design of the list of references and appendices should be followed. Choosing a topic should be the first and most important step in preparing to write an essay. According to the custom essay writers, the theme of the work should be relevant, i.e. meet the current issues of research in a particular field, demonstrate novelty, deep and at the same time differentiated approach, and be based on the individual scientific preferences of a student.

Execution of the essay after the selection and formulation of the topic is usually divided into the following stages:

  1. Drawing up an outline;
  2. The search for scientific sources on the topic, their analysis, a compilation of bibliography;
  3. Preparation of theoretical material (substantiation of the relevance of the chosen topic, setting goals and specific objectives of the study, the choice of research methods);
  4. Conducting research. Description of the research process;
  5. Analysis of the obtained results;
  6. Formulation of conclusions and evaluation of the obtained results;
  7. Preparation of the text, technical design, and presentation of work to the teacher;
  8. Finalization of the text taking into account the comments of the teacher.

Here are tips from the professional writer on how to complete each of the above stages:

  • Drawing up a plan should not be missed because it allows you to create a template for further writing of the paper and optimally allocate your time;
  • In the introduction, it is necessary to briefly describe the problem, the state of its theoretical and practical elaboration, relevance, argue the feasibility of certain studies;
  • Searching for literature on the topic is quite a responsible stage, as it determines the degree of awareness of the student in the field of study. The search should cover both literatures from previous years and publications of periodicals of the last 5-10 years. Preference should be given to primary sources. Searching the Internet allows you to get the most up-to-date information about the state of the problem, the latest trends in modern research and their results, but requires a balanced and careful approach to assessing the quality and degree of the scientific validity of available sources;
  • Based on the studied sources, theoretical material should be collected and presented in an essay. The student is obliged to perform all stages of elaboration of the topic independently, referring to all the thoughts, views, and ideas, indicating their real authors and sources. The use of plagiarism is not allowed;
  • If the topic of the essay involves research, then appropriate scientific methods should be selected and analyzed. All the results that will be obtained during the study should be presented in the text of a paper and persuade readers of the veracity of a particular statement. However, it is important to indicate your own position and give relevant examples;
  • The final part of the essay should be general conclusions. The conclusions should briefly describe the main scientific, and practical results obtained in the work and inform about the achievement of the general purpose of the study;
  • Try not to forget about the list of sources used. It demonstrates the source base of the study, reflects the competence and ability of the author to work with the choice of literature and analyze it, and indicates what information was borrowed from other publications. The formation of the list of sources should begin from the moment of determining the topic of the essay and be carried out in accordance with the established rules.

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