Highway Transport Technology Questions Past Papers

Q.1 Fill in the blanks. (14)

i. CBR stands for _____________.
ii. The difference between inner and outer edge of a road is called _________.
iii. ___________ test is used to determine dry density in field.
iv. AASHTO stands for ________________.
v. Single axle load = ______________.
vi. ESAL stands for ______________.
vii. Two types of pavement are ________ and _________.

Q.2 a) Define pavement distressing? (14)
b) Enlist various types of pavement distressing. Explain two of them.

Q.3 What is sight distance and explain its different types? (14)

Q.4 What is Super elevation? Derived mathematical form of super elevation. (14)

Q.5 Write a note on Road Capacity and what are the factor affecting road capacity? (14)

Q.6 Write detail note on traffic signal. Discus different types of traffic signal system. (14)

Q.7 a) Define rigid pavement and flexible pavement? (14)
b) Compare flexible pavement and rigid Pavement.

Q.8 a) What is road Intersection and explain their advantages and disadvantages. (14)
b) Differentiate between Geometric design and Structure design of a pavement.

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