Fantasy Past Papers

Subject: Fantasy

Time Allowed: 3 Hours

Maximum Marks: 60



Part-II Give short answer, each question carries equal marks. (15)

Q#1: How will you differentiate between fantasy and science fiction?

Q#2: Robbie is a robot without human feelings but he proves to be a great caretaker of Gloria. How is their relationship unique?

Q#3: Richard Hagstrom is husband to an indifferent wife, and a disgruntled, ungrateful teenage boy. How does the word processor change his life for good?


Part-III Give detailed answers, each question carries equal marks. (45)

Q#1: Hermione is an annoying perfectionist and is eager to impress others all the time.Does your assessment of her character match this observation or not?

Q#2: “The vanity of human wishes!” , Cornelius Agrippa sighs in a broken and inward voice.All the characters in ‘The Mortal Immortal’ embody this statement.Discuss

Q#3: The door is more than a mere portal to imagination in short story ‘The Door in the Wall’. Do you agree? Was it a real door or Wallace’s hallucination?

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