Examples Types and advantages of MAN  (Metropolitan area network)

Examples Types and advantages of MAN  (Metropolitan area network)

Definition of MAN

MAN stands for A metropolitan area network. In this network all users communicate in an area larger than LAN(Local Area Network). It may be cover the area of several buildings in the same city.

It is larger than LAN but smaller than WAN(Wide Area Network).

MAN generally used connects a number of local area networks (LANs) together by using high-speed technology, such as a fiber-optical link. A MAN may be operated by one organization, but generally, it will be used by many companies and organizations.MAN usually used to communicate many LANs together. It can be used in television cables.

Example of MAN

  1. A MAN (metropolitan area network) is a larger network that mostly used to cover the area of the city.MAN used to connect many LANs together in one region. The IUB network is an example of a MAN.
  2.  Television cable is also an example of a MAN.
  3. DSL line
  4. IEEE 802.16 or WiMAX, they all provide a high-speed network connection.

Types of MAN

There are some types of MAN.
• Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
• Fiber Distribution Data Interface (FDDI)
• Switched multi-megabit data service (SMDS)

Where is the man network used?

A LAN(Local Area Network) mostly used in banks, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and rooms. A MAN(A metropolitan area network ) is usually used in cities. The WAN in different countries, cities, and states. MAN mostly used for business purposes. It is used to connect one business branch to another branch.

 Speed of Man network

‘Distributed Queue Dual Bus (DQDB)’ is the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) IEEE 802.6 standard for data communication. Using DQDB, networks can extend up to 100km-160km and operate at speeds of 44 to 155Mbps.

How does man network work?

A MAN(metropolitan area network ) is the same as a local area network (LAN) but used to cover the area of an entire city or campus. MANs are built by connecting many fast LANs together. MANs are very efficient and support fast communication,MANS use high-speed network cable loke Fiber optics, etc.

Advantages of MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)

  1. It is less expensive than WAN
  2. It is used to send a local e-mail.
  3. It has high speed than WAN
  4. It provides high security.
  5. It covers a large area than LAN
  6. It provides centralized data storage.
  7. It enables you to connect many fast LANs together.
  8. It utilizes the disab]dvantages of both LAN and WAN to provide an efficient network.
  9. There is less implementation cost than LAN and WAN because it required fewer resources than WAN and LAN.
  10. It provides common sharing of resources like printer etc.

Disadvantages of Man(Metropolitan Area Network)

  1. It is difficult to manage when we have large network.
  2. For its installation we need skilled or experts and also required a network administrator. They all increase the overall installation and management costs.
  3. Ir requires larger cable than LAN.
  4. It is difficult to make a system secure or safe from hackers and unauthorized users.
  5. The main disadvantage of MANs is the cost of cutting-edge technology employed.
  6. Technical staff required.