Engineering Materials and Science Past Papers

Engineering Materials & Science Past Papers 1

Paper: Applied Physics

Time Allowed: 3 hours


Total Marks:    70, Passing Marks (35)

Q.1 True/False.                                                                                                                                      (14)

  1. Column is a flexure member.
  2. Brittle materials typically fail fast and with excessive plastic deformation.
  3. Strain is the measure of force per unit cross sectional area.
  4. Riveted joints are more durable than welded joints.
  5.     Stress is indirectly proportional to strain.
  6. Buckling occurs mainly in flexure members.
  7. Broken glass is the example of plastic deformation.


a.Define stress. Also explain types of shear stress.                                                                 (7+7)

b. Explain dynamic loading.


a. Explain stress strain diagram for a mild steel.                                                                     (7+7)

b. Differentiate between Riveted and welded connection.


a. Define beam and types of beam.                                                                                                    (7+7)

b. Explain beam under simple loading and dynamic loading.

Q.5      Explain torsion in hollow shaft of uniform thickness.                                                                        (14)


a. Explain deflection in beam.                                                                                                            (7+7)

b. Explain nonuniform and composites shafts.

Q.7      Explain principle stresses and compound stresses theories of failure.                                    (14)

Q.8      Write short notes on any two of the following                                                                       (7+7)

(a)Creep and fatigue

b) Torsion

c) Eccentricity

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