E-Medics Project in ASP.net or PHP

E-Medics Project in ASP.net or PHP

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E-Commerce is helpful for both the customer and the businessmen. With the help of e-commerce, the customer can buy any of the desired products available online. The main advantage of buying the product online is that you just order it and it will be at your doorstep.

To facilitate the customer to buy products online, the businessmen need a website where he/she displays the products which he/she is offering to sell.

E-Medics is a website that helps customers who intend to buy medicine online. Customers can easily navigate through the website and find the desired medicine category wise or individually. Medicine ordered through the website is delivered to the customer’s desired place.

E-Medics Project in ASP.net or PHP
Figure: Medics Project in ASP.net or PHP

Functional Requirements

One Admin user who has full rights to perform tasks.

Admin can view the placed orders, like pending and delivered orders.

Admin can insert, update and delete the medicine from the menu list.

Admin can generate the sales report (Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily).

Make different categories of medicines like heart, diabetes, cancer medicines, etc.

Customers should have the option of registering for the website.

Everyone can view the website but the customer should log in before making any kind of order.

Customers can select medicines from categories and can add the desired medicine to the cart.

Cart must automatically calculate the sum of added items in it.

Customers can place the order and get the confirmation against that order in the form of order no.

Customer can check the status of his/her placed order.

Customers can search for any medicine from the webpage.

Customers should have the option of ordering the medicine, like Monthly and one-time orders.

Customers should have the option of uploading a scanned copy of a doctor’s prescription. Secure payment methods both cash on delivery and credit cards should be available for customers.

The database should be relational.

A responsive web design approach should be used to design the website (respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation).


Visual Studio, ASP.net C#, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Php, XML, MySql, XAMPP, WAMP.

Project Domain


You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii