Difference between light dependent reaction and light independent reactions


Let me share with you a difference between light dependent reaction and light independent reactions.


Aspect Light-Dependent Reactions Light-Independent Reactions or Calvin Cycle
Occurrence Thylakoid membrane within the chloroplast Stroma of the chloroplast
Initiation Initiated by the absorption of light by chlorophyll Relies on the products  such as ATP and NADPH from the light-dependent reactions
Primary processes ·        Photolysis of water to release oxygen and electrons

·        Generation of ATP and NADPH

·        Carbon fixation (CO2 is converted into organic compounds)

·        Reduction of 3 phosphoglycerate to form glucose and other carbohydrates

Reactants ·        Water

·        light

·        ADP

·        inorganic phosphate

·        Carbon dioxide

·        ATP

·        NADPH

Products ·        Oxygen

·        ATP

·        NADPH

·        ADP and inorganic phosphate (Pi)

·        NADP+ and H+

·        Carbohydrates (glucose)

Energy source Light energy from the sun ATP and NADPH produced during the light-dependent reactions
Dependency on light Requires light for the activation of chlorophyll Can occur in the absence of light
Role in carbon fixation Does not directly fix carbon Fixes carbon dioxide during the synthesis of carbohydrates
Time of occurrence Occurs during the day in the presence of light Can occur during both day and night