Comparison between X-Linked Traits and Y- Linked Traits


Let me share with you a comparison between X-Linked Traits and Y- Linked Traits.


Aspect     X-Linked Traits         Y-Linked Traits
Genes location on chromosome Genes are located on the X chromosome. Genes are located on the Y chromosome.
Inheritance pattern Typically, X-linked traits are recessive or dominant. Y-linked traits are usually dominant.
Affected individuals ·        Both males and females can carry and express X-linked traits.

·        Males are more often affected due to hemizygosity.

·        Only males (XY individuals) express Y-linked traits.

·        Females (XX) do not carry these traits.

Mode of transmission ·        Mothers can pass X-linked traits to both sons and daughters.

·        Fathers pass the Y chromosome to their sons.

·        Y-linked traits are transmitted exclusively from fathers to their sons.
Examples ·        Hemophilia

·        Red-green color blindness

·        Duchenne muscular dystrophy

·        Hemophilia

·        Male pattern baldness

·        Y-linked congenital deafness