Airport and Railways Engineering Universities Past Paper

Airport and Railways Engineering Universities Past Paper

Airport & Railways Engineering Universities Past Paper
Airport & Railways Engineering Universities Past Paper

Q.1: A) Select the suitable answer.

  1. i) A large shade at an airport that is used to house and repair of aircraft is termed as _______________.
  2. a) Aeroplane shade       b)         Hanger                        c)         Garage
  3. ii) All marking on runway are recommended in this color__________________.
  4. Pink b) Yellow                    c)         White

iii)  Suitable direction of landing or taking off an aircraft with respect to wind direction is___________.

  1. Opposite direction b)         Parallel in same direction        c)         at 60 degree angle
  2. iv) The most expansive material in the track is_______________________.
  3. Ballast b)         Sleeper                                    c)         Rail
  4. v) A _____________ sleeper has no scrap value.
  5. a) Wooden sleepers b)         Concrete sleepers        c)         Steel sleepers
  6. vi) Gauge is defined as the ______________ distance between two rails.
  7. Minimum b)         Maximum                    c)         Longitudinal

vii)  Creep is defined as the _______________ movement of the rail with respect to the sleepers.

  1. Angular b)         Longitudinal               c) Horizontal

Q.2)     What are the main component of the airport. Briefly explain any five important component of an airport.

Q.3)     Explain the site selection criteria for an airport.

Q.4)     Define the importance of the orientation and explains the different configuration of the runway.

Q.5)     What is railway transportation. Explain rail and its types.

Q.6)     Define wear and explains its types.

Q.7)     Briefly explain the selection of a site for the railway station.

Q.8)     Write a short note on the following

  1. Ballast
  2. Aerodrome
  3. ICAO
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