Advertising and Management Universities Past Paper

Advertising and Management Universities Past Paper

Advertising & Management Universities Past Paper
Advertising & Management Universities Past Paper
  1. Advertising reaches us through a channel of communication called a medium. ( )
  2. Within the text of an ad resides the real or imaginary spokesperson, called the sponsor, who lends some voice or tone to the ad or commercial. ( )
  3. This is the definition of personal, Sponsorial consumers are the gatekeepers who decide whether the ad will run. ( )
  4. If an advertiser wishes to use fliers, brochures, and sales kits to build on its TV advertising campaign, the advertiser will have selected what is called collateral materials.  ( )
  5. One of the four fundamental assumptions of the free-market economy is that a market-driven society has few buyers and few sellers. ( )
  6. The FTC defines deceptive advertising asany ad that contains a stereotype or a piece of information that can be construed as politically incorrect. ( )
  7. Deceptive advertising is advertising that contains a misrepresentation, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to disclose all ingredients in packaged foods on product labels, in all product advertising featured in stores, and in all accompanying or separately distributed product literature. ( )

Fill in the blanks

  1. The _________ consumers are not real but they are addressed by the ad’s persona.
  2. __________ advertising creates a particular perception of the company or personality of the brand.
  3. The distractor in the human communication process is ______________.
  4. Advertising aimed at teachers, accountants, doctors, and the like are called ____________ advertising.
  5. ____________ refers to exaggerated subjective claims that can’t be proven true or false, such as the (best) or (the only way to fly).
  6. ____________ advertising means doing what the advertiser and the advertiser’s peers believe is morally right in a given situation.
  7. In the ____________ age, manufacturers were primarily concerned with production.

Q2.      Explain advertising and its types? Discuss the AIDA model and DAGMAR Approach?


Q3.      What is Integrated Marketing Communication? Also, throw a light on the concept of Direct Marketing.


Q4.      Discuss Positioning and its types in terms of advertisement? Explain segmentation and various    


Q5.      What do you mean by Advertising Budget? What is the most commonly used advertising budgeting


Q6.      What do you mean by visualization and layout? What are the various layout strategies and discuss the

elements involved in it.

Q7.      What do you understand by Celebrity endorsement and celebrity management?


Q8.      Discuss types of media and media selection. Give any two examples with explanation?


Q9.      What is the structure of an ad agency? What are the Functions of the Advertising Department?

Q10.    Write short notes on any two of the following;

  1. Word of mouth
  2. Targeting
  3. Brand equity