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Advance Thermodynamics Past Papers and important Questions

Advanced Thermodynamics Past Papers

Advance Thermodynamics Past Papers

Q1.      Fill in the blanks.

  1. The unit of mass and energy in S.I Units are ­___________ and ___________.
  2. An ideal gas as compared to a real gas at very high pressure occupies __________ volume.
  3. General gas equation is ______________.
  4. Temperature of a gas is produced due to __________ energy of molecules.
  5. ___________ Law states that the internal energy of a gas is a function of Temperature.
  6. An open system is one in which both energy and mass ________________________________.
  7. First Law of Thermodynamics = _______________________________________.

Q2.      A single stage reciprocating compressor takes 1m3 of air per minute at 1.013 bars and 15OC and delivers it at 7 bars. Assuming that the law of compression is pV1.35=Constant, and that clearance is negligible, Calculate the indicated power.

Q3.      Discuss internal combustion Engine and explain engine components in detail.

Q4.      Calculate the ideal air cycle efficiency based on the Otto cycle for a petrol engine with a cylinder bore of 50mm, a stoke of 75mm, and a clearance volume of 21.3cm3.                                                                                  

Q5.      Define fuel and explain properties of flues for IC engine.

Q6.      A sample of dry anthracite has a following composition by mass:

            C=90%, H=3%, O=2.5%, N=1%, S=0.5%, Ash=3%.

             Calculate: The stoichiometric A/F ratio.

Q.7      Compare four stroke engine and two stroke engine in detail.

Q.8      Write short note on the following:

  1. Prove Perfect gas equations.
  2. Isothermal efficiency of the reciprocating compressor with example.

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