Statistics 3 Past Papers 


Subject: Statistics-III

Time Allowed: 10 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 10

NOTE: Attempt this Paper on this Question Sheet only. Please encircle the correct option. Division of marks is given in front of each question. This Paper will be collected back after expiry of time limit mentioned above.


Part-I  Encircle the correct option, cutting and overwriting is not allowed. (10)

Part-I Encircle the correct option, cutting and overwriting is not allowed. (10)
1. A Sampling Frame should
A) Be non-overlapping. B) Large enough.
C) Non exhaustive. D) B & C
2. A random sample is worst when population is
A) homogenous B) heterogeneous
C) infinite D) A&C
3. A Systematic sampling is preferred in
A) industrial surveys B) Laboratory surveys.
C) household surveys D) A&C
4. Two sided test is concerned with only
A) Composite hypothesis B) simple hypothesis
C) bi-directional hypothesis D) A & C
5. Inference consists of two parts (testing and estimation)
A) First we test then estimate B) first we estimate then test
C) Testing & estimation are done simultaneously D) only estimation is done
6. A selection committee of a college selects an incompetent teacher, so it is
A) Type-l error B) Type-II error
C) valid decision D) none of the above.
7. Null hypothesis is designed for possible _________.
A) acceptance B) rejection
C) both A&B D) none of the above
8. Paired t-test is applicable when
A) sample size is small B) population variance is unknown
C) observations are in the form of pairs. D) all of A, B & C
9. Parameter of chi-square distribution is
A) mean B) variance
C) p D) n
10. Chi- square statistics is used for
A) best fit B) correlation
C) association D) A&C


Subject: Statistics-III

Time Allowed: 2 Hours 45 Minutes

Maximum Marks: 50



Part-II Give short answers, each answer carries equal marks. (20)

Q#1: What are the advantages and disadvantages of using this sampling technique?

Q#2: Differentiate between probability sampling and non-probability sampling. What are their relative advantages and disadvantages?

Q#3: Differentiate between Multistage and Multiphase Sampling. —

Q#4: What is a-sampling distribution? Describe the properties of the sampling distribution of the means. .

Q#5: Under what conditions, the paired t-test is used?

Q#6: What do you mean by p-value?

Part-III Give brief answers, each answer carries equal marks. (30)

Q#3: Using a random number table, select 30 samples of size 3 each with replacement from the following population distribution of heights. Find the mean of sample means.

Statistics 3 Past Papers 
Statistics 3 Past Papers